a set of Farad wind deflectors on an Audi A3

Your Guide To…Wind Deflectors

The DriveDen blog provides advice, news and reviews. This article discusses the advantages of adding wind deflectors to your vehicle.


Wind deflectors are becoming a more common sight on vehicles all across the UK, whether they are fitted to small hatchbacks or large 4x4s and vans. To some they may seem like an unnecessary accessory but there are some clear advantages to adding some to your vehicle, whatever you drive. The main benefits of wind deflectors are as follows:


Air Circulation
Some may find air-conditioning to be too dry for their liking but opening the windows means high wind noise and any bad weather coming in – wind deflectors allow fresh air to circulate, even when it’s raining heavily outside. For pet owners or smokers, this fresh air also helps to keep the interior well-ventilated and remove any stale air and smells.

By reducing the need for air-conditioning, there is also an argument that wind deflectors can be energy saving and improve fuel consumption too!


Reduced Glare
Wind deflectors tend to be tinted so they reduce glare for the driver and passengers. This is especially important in the winter months, when the Sun is low in the sky and can blind the driver or passenger easily. By reducing the glare, the driver has less of a distraction and everyone in the car can be more relaxed.


Easy and Cheap Modification
For those who like to modify their vehicles, wind deflectors are one of the cheapest and easiest ways of enhancing the look and feel of a car. They are very easy to fit and will include any specific tools required, meaning they can be fitted at home within a few minutes. The shock and splinter-proof material means they’re safe during fitting and once installed. They are also car-wash friendly, so do not need to be removed when you want to clean the car.


Tailored Fit
Each wind deflector set will be tailored to fit a specific vehicle, whether it is a 3-door or 5-door model. Some aftermarket items can look out of place but wind deflectors will look like they’re an integral part of the car.


So whether you’re looking for a quick mod or just want to have the windows slightly open without the buffeting wind and rain, wind deflectors are a great addition to any vehicle and also make a great gift for any petrolhead. A full range of wind deflectors is now available on the DriveDen website.


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