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Winter Car Accessories by DriveDen

The DriveDen blog provides advice, news and reviews. This article discusses all the accessories and items you may need to prepare for your car for the Winter.


As the cold and dark months approach, it’s good to get your car prepared early. The Winter months are particularly hard on vehicles, so any little thing a driver can do will help – and of course sometimes it’s good to be prepared for the worst possibilities too! So, here at DriveDen we stock a large range of products that will not only protect your vehicle this coming Winter, but also help make your journeys a bit more comfortable too.


Swedish Ice Scraper
Proving that a small accessory can go a long way, the Swedish Ice Scraper is regularly reviewed as being one of the best on the market. The unique design not only looks good, but makes this item comfortable and easy to use – and when it comes to clearing ice from your vehicle’s windows and screens, it’s on another level to any other ice scraper we’ve ever tried. A clear windscreen is absolutely essential to keep you safe on the roads during the Winter…making the Swedish Ice Scraper a must have accessory!

Walser Tyre Traction Mat
In the Winter months, cars and drivers face conditions that they are simply not used to dealing with – this can lead to situations where vehicles get stuck in snow and in some cases, drivers have to abandon their vehicle until the weather subsides and they can return to drive away safely. If the worst does happen, one simple solution is the Walser Tyre Traction Mat. Easily secured to a towbar or towhook, the mat gives you added traction when required…and thanks to the 6m cord, you can safely drive away and out of trouble without having to return for the mat. It’ll stay attached and drag along behind the car until it’s safe to retrieve it. It’s an accessory that you’ll hope never to need…but when the time comes, it’ll be a lifesaver.

Snow Shovel / Grip Over-Shoes
It’s important to always keep a snow shovel in your vehicle in case you do get caught out by the weather. The Maypole Plastic Snow Shovel is an absolute essential for Winter motoring, allowing you to clear snow quickly and keep moving in the worst of weathers. Similarly, we also stock over-shoe options by both Sakura and Streetwize, as you’ll want to avoid slipping over when the snow and ice needs clearing.

12v Accessories
We all carry mobile phones and tablets with us these days…so keeping them topped up with battery will be essential if you find yourself in an emergency situation. Here at DriveDen, we offer a range of multi-socket 12v accessories, so you can keep your gadgets topped up at all times. Whether you need a traditional cigarette lighter plug or USB connections, these accessories are suitable for a huge range of tech options.

Laitovo Sunshades
While sunshades may not be seen as an absolute essential item – in the Winter months they can be a huge help for passengers, as they can then protect themselves from the glare caused by the low level of the Sun. Laitovo offer a huge range of tailored-fit sunshades, so you are sure to find an option for your vehicle. A high-quality product, the microcell mesh design protects passengers from UV rays, and the design ensures the windows can even be opened to let in some air whilst driving along – not that you will want to let the cold air in too much!

Walser Heated Seat Cushion
A bit of a luxury item…the Walser Heated Seat Cushion allows you to travel in comfort during the cold, dark months of Winter. It’s an easy-to-fit seat cushion that is suitable for all common vehicles, with or without side airbags. So whatever your vehicle, you are sure to enjoy the warmth of this seat cushion, which will feel like a blessing if you’ve been out in the cold for too long!

Car Covers
Whilst a car cover is a useful item at any point in the year…we believe that during the Winter it becomes an essential, as it’ll protect your vehicle from grit, ice, snow and all sorts of other annoying things that can damage a car’s bodywork. We offer a range of car covers that will ensure you find the perfect match for your vehicle, protecting the paintwork from pollutants and ensuring your vehicle is ready to use as quickly as possible in bad weather.

Gledring Rubber Car Mats / Novline Boot Liners
More items that may seem like a luxury but are in fact going to be extremely useful when the weather turns. Rubber car mats and boot liners offer great protection for the interior of a vehicle and it’s during the Winter months that cars suffer the most. So, here at DriveDen we offer a huge range of tailored rubber mats by Gledring, and tailored boot liners by Novline, that will ensure you keep the interior and boot area of your vehicle clean and tidy with minimal fuss.


Finally, we would always recommend keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition and it’s especially important to do so in the Winter. You should regularly check the lights all around the car and ensure the windscreen wipers are in top condition too. With the dark closing in, fully working lights and mirrors are going to be key to keeping you safe on the road, not only lighting your way but also ensuring other road users can see you too. Wipers are also vital, as chances are there will be more rain or sleet to clear on any journey…so just in case anything needs replacing, we offer a huge range of lighting, mirror and wiper blade options.


In the past we’ve provided blogs that look at how to check your vehicle’s lights and offer general tips and help with preparing your vehicle for Autumn/Winter – check out those blogs for more advice, and we hope you keep safe on the roads this Winter!


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