Car Mat Options Guide

Mat Options Guide

The first decision to be made when purchasing tailored floor mats is whether to go for carpet or rubber. From there, buyers can choose what thickness of mat they require, with the thicker carpeted and rubber mats expected to last longer and provide a stronger guard against dirt and damage to the vehicle.

Carpet mats are visually appealing as they can look like they are completely original. They come in a variety of colours and although they may not be a perfect match for the vehicle’s interior, most will be able to find a colour that closely blends in with the surroundings. They protect the vehicle’s interior from wear and tear, enhancing the atmosphere of the vehicle whilst also ensuring optimal value when re-selling the vehicle in future. Carpeted mats are easily cleaned and maintained but will naturally wear over time with heavy use.

Rubber mats are a more heavy duty option, protecting the vehicle from mud, water or spilled drinks. Anything that makes its way onto the mats can be easily wiped clean or rinsed off. Rubber mats are particularly useful in winter, as water or snow that gets into the vehicle would usually soak into the carpets – rubber mats therefore protect the vehicle from mildew or mould. Once again, they are very easily cleaned and maintained and will last a very long time if looked after carefully.

We offer a range of different mat thicknesses and carpet qualities. These are fully detailed in the product page and provide an option for all needs.