Rubber Car Mats

One of the first things we tend to do when we buy a new car is to ensure it's fully protected against dirt, liquids and grime by installing a set of car floor mats. Browse our selection of custom-made mats, to protect your vehicle carpets, making it much easier when it comes to your next car wash. We stock rubber car mats for a wide range of vehicles from popular brands such as Novline and Gledring. To find a setthat fits perfectly to your vehicle footwells, just pop your car registration into the yellow box and hit search or use our website filters to whistle down the results.

What should I look for when buying a set of car mats?

Having fully tailored car mats instead of universal mats ensures that they are moulded to fit the floor of your vehicle. Universal versions tend to have excess material that can cause bumps and gaps making them more hazardous to drivers. Heavy duty features are ideal as their weight ensures they remain in place when on the move, their thickness also makes them tougher and long-lasting. It's also important to ensure each one has a raised edge around the border, this ensures water and debris is contained on the mat where possible preventing dripping over the sides.

How do you fit car mat sets?

Most are pretty straight forward to fit, you just need to roll them out flat and lay them into the space in front of the passenger footwell. Making sure that that there are no air bumps overhangs that could cause a potential tripping hazard. Some cars come with floor buttons and where necessary we've ensured our product ranges have the essential clips to fix these into place with a simple push of a hand. If you're having issues fitting your car mats then get in touch with a member of our team who would be happy to offer further advice.

How do I clean my car mats?

Rubber mats are super easy to clean, when it comes to cleaning your car simple remove them from the floor and wash away grime with warm soapy water. You can also use pressure washers, a speedier way of removing dirt from the surface. The benefits of having rubber versions are that they are also quick drying and can be returned to the vehicle once cleaning is complete.