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Wipers Blades
About Bosch
About Bosch The Bosch automotive division provides a complete range of diagnostic and repair shop equipment and a wide range of spare parts, for both original equipment and aftermarket. Bosch employ over 18,000 associates in 150 countries, as well as a global logistics network, ensure that some 650,000 different spare parts reach customers quickly and on time.
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About Trupart
About Trupart Based in the UK since 1989, the Trupart brand offers a comprehensive range of Wiper blades, Braking, lighting and body parts to the automotive aftermarket.
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How to guide: Fitting your Window Wipers
How to guide: Fitting Wiper Blades Read our how to guides for advice on fitting your new wiper blades. Step by step help for safely securing them to your car.
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How to check wipers are in good working condition?
Are your Wipers in good condition? Signs that your wipers may need replacing, how to make regular checks, and what to look for.
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How to check your Wipers are in good working condition?
How to make your Wiper Blades last longer A few tips to help you maintain your wipers to make them last longer.
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