Car Wing Mirror Buying Guide

Car mirrors are a vital safety feature, so replacing a broken one quickly is essential. First determine which of the following you need -

Full Wing Mirror Unit
Replacement Mirror Glass
Replacement Mirror Cover

Full Wing Mirror Unit

When buying a full wing mirror unit there are some features that need to be considered to ensure you are buying an exact replacement. 

We have built our website around vehicle fitment, so first you will need to select your vehicle from the car mirror department page. Once this has been done, you will be presented with suitable products, based on the Make, Model and Year of your vehicle.

You can then narrow the search further by using our filters on the left of the page. We recommend only replacing your mirror with the same features as your original car mirror.

Selecting the correct side

UK Drivers side = Right Hand or Offside

UK Passenger side = Left Hand or Nearside

Selecting the correct mirror features

Manual – This is a non-electric mirror, where you need to move the glass directly by hand to the desired position.

Cable – A non-electric mirror, with a manual lever inside of the car, that allows mirror glass adjustment.

Electric – The mirror glass is adjusted from an electric button or joystick in the car, usually on the door armrest.

Heated – The mirror glass has a heating element. This can be checked by either looking for the heating symbol on or near the electric mirror adjustor, or by removing the old glass to see if it has 2 electric cables attached to the rear. 

Power Folding – When the mirror unit electronically folds inwards. Usually when the car is parked and locked.

Puddle Lamp – Some cars will be equipped with a small light, which shines down to the floor when the car is unlocked.

Built-In Indicator – Some mirror units have built-in indicators. We offer some models with and without, so please check the product details.

Blue Tint or Chrome – Most mirror glass will come in standard chrome, however some will have a blue tint option. Please check the product details.

Aspheric – Passenger mirrors are usually convex, to give the correct perspective when sat in the drivers seat. Some mirrors will also have an aspherical section, this will give another viewpoint and will be shown by a line on the mirror glass.


Please Note: Purchasing a mirror unit with different features to your original will often mean the electrical plug supplied with not match or fit.

Selecting the correct colour

Most of our wing mirrors can be purchased in either black or primed. If your current mirror or mirror rear cover is colour coded to match the vehicles main colour, we suggest ordering primed. This will reduce the amount of work needed when spraying the part.

Our black option will be a plastic finish, not a painted black to match a black car. Please see our guide on mirror colour coding for more information.

Replacement Mirror Glass

If just the mirror glass is cracked, this can be replaced without the need for a complete wing mirror unit. Please select your vehicle from our mirror page. This will show suitable mirror glass replacements. 

Please check the mirror features before ordering, as these need to match with your original. A replacement mirror glass will come fitted to the correct backing plate, meaning it will easily clip into place.

Replacement Mirror Cover

Mirror covers clip to the rear of your mirror unit, covering the internals of the mirror. They will either be plain unpainted black or they will need to be sprayed to match your vehicle. If the original mirror cover was colour matched, we recommend ordering a primed cover where possible. This will save some time and cost when spraying. For more information please see our colour coding guide.