Car Wing Mirror Fitting Guide

Replacing a broken or damaged car mirror is fairly straight forward for most vehicles. We will guide you through a typical replacement for a complete mirror unit, mirror glass and mirror cover.

Complete Wing Mirror Replacement

Mirror Fitting

This task can be easily completed with basic tools and should take around 15-20 minutes. If the mirror needs colour coding, we would recommend a trial fitting first before spraying.

  1. First open the new replacement mirror, and check for any damage or problems before removing the old one. Hold it next to the vehicle to check it looks correct. Once you are happy, you can begin removal.
  2. Open the car door and carefully remove the door corner panel, a plastic cover inside the door, in line with the mirror.
  3. Disconnect the wiring plug for the mirror (only on electric mirror models). This is a good time to check the plug on the replacement mirror matches. You can even plug it in and check the operation on the new mirror before fully fitting.
  4. To remove the mirror unit, there will usually be 3 screws to hold the mirror on the car. Remove these whilst supporting the mirror.
  5. Once removed, clean the area of the paintwork and refit the new unit, checking the baseplate of the mirror sits well against the car.
  6. Sitting in the driver’s seat, reposition the mirror to the correct angle. For more information please see our mirror set up guide.

Mirror Glass Replacement

  1. Remove the new mirror glass from its packet, check for any damage and offer it up against the old mirror to check correct fitment.
  2. Using a wad of cloth or thick gloves for your safety, press the inner top corner of the mirror inwards, this should release the clip on the back plate and free the glass. Carefully pull the mirror out of the unit, disconnect any cables (only on heated models).
  3. Refit the new mirror glass by connecting any cables, and clipping the glass into position.
  4. Check the glass is firmly in place, then sitting in the driver’s seat, reposition the mirror to the correct angle. For more information please see our mirror set up guide.

Mirror Cover Replacement

  1. First remove the new cover from its box, check for any damage and offer it up to the mirror unit, checking it looks correct. If the cover needs to be sprayed, we recommend a trial fit before painting. (see point 3)
  2. Removing the old cover can be tricky. They are held on with a series of plastic clips, which can be delicate. Gently prise off the cover, moving around the cover evenly.
  3. If painting is needed, the cover should be offered up, but not fully clipped in place, it can sometimes be difficult to remove again.
  4. Position the new cover, and apply light pressure in the areas where the clips are placed. You will hear them clip into place. Work around the mirror, checking all the clips are fully located.