Ford Focus Active Dog Guards

Dog owner's rejoice. Grab a tailored dog guard for Ford Focus Active today, a well-formed solution for travelling in the car with your furry friend. Our dog guards are easily attached without any drilling to the back seats of your vehicle and keep your pooch in its place when on the road.

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How do you fit a dog guard to the Ford Focus Active?

Our dog guards require no drilling and simply attached to the bars under the rear headrests of your vehicle. Check out our YouTube video which should help you fit your new Ford Focus Active Dog Guard in no time.

Why is it important to have a dog guard that fits the Ford Focus Active?

Our tailor-made dog guards for the Ford Focus Active ensure there are minimal gaps between the back seats and boot, preventing your dog from climbing through the vehicle and interfering with passengers. This minimises distractions for the driver and ensures the dog is contained in a safe way when travelling on the road.

What other dog car accessories are there to fit the Ford Focus Active?

We also offer vehicle specific rubber boot mats, that pair perfectly with the Ford Focus Active Dog Guard. Rubber boot mats are great solution for protecting the floor of your trunk when muddy paws make their way into your vehicle.