Guide to DAB Digital Radio

You may have heard about DAB radio – Digital Audio Broadcasting. The main advantage over standard AM/FM radio is the much higher, digital quality. Stations can be easily found and will all be loud and clear at all times. DAB technology is now being fitted to more and more cars from new but for those looking to upgrade their existing vehicle, we can offer the perfect solution.

DABmotion Rola

The DABmotion Rola is a wireless and universal system that allows you to listen to DAB radio on the move. The patented AFC wireless technology allows for a crisp sound with no interference and RDS integration means all station and track information will display on the original stereo. From the antenna to the remote, everything is included. The DABmotion Rola is a truly affordable way of upgrading your car’s audio to the latest DAB technology.

We also offer a range of standalone products that can help you upgrade the audio in your vehicle, including DAB antennas (both internal and external) and necessary adaptor leads. Shark fin style aerials are becoming increasingly popular and we have those available, along with the more traditional whip style aerials too.