Guide to Upgrading Car Light Bulbs

Car Light Bulbs

Some car owners may feel the need to upgrade their cars headlight bulbs to something brighter, giving them more visibility whilst driving at night. Halogen bulbs are standard in most vehicles and do light up the road very well but there are options if you’d like to upgrade.

There are many ‘improved’ Halogen bulbs now on the market, which promise a brighter light than a regular Halogen bulb. These are usually not too much more expensive than a regular bulb but promise a much brighter light. The key thing to look out for will be the ‘lumens’ rating – the higher the rating, the brighter the bulb will be.

The alternative is to fit HID, or High Intensity Discharge, bulbs. They can produce around twice as much light and should last a lot longer than regular bulbs. The light produced by HID bulbs is bluer than Halogen bulbs, meaning they are closer to natural daylight and therefore give the driver more visibility at night. This can mean a big improvement in safety and some drivers also prefer the look of their headlights with a bluer light.

The negatives of fitting HID bulbs can be that they do not perform as well in foggy conditions (due to blue light being scattered more than white light) and also that the HID lights are often much more expensive. This is offset by the HID bulbs lasting longer than Halogen bulbs but it’s still something to consider.

Many new vehicles now have HID bulbs as standard but for those who often drive at night and want more visibility, they can be a worthwhile investment.