How to Fit Car Mats and Look After Them

Once you have received your new mats, we would recommend removing the original mats from the vehicle and cleaning the area thoroughly. You can then simply place the new mats in the car. It is advisable not to place the new mats over the top of any existing mats as this will cause unnecessary bulk and potentially cause them to slip and bunch up, which is especially a problem on the driver’s side.

Once the new mats are in place, care should be taken to ensure the mats lie flat and do not interfere with any pedals. Any fixings that come with the mats should be connected to the corresponding fixing points in the vehicle’s floor, so the mats are held in place securely. There are a few different fixing types but they are all simple to fit and should match any original fixings.

Once installed, the mats should be regularly cleaned to ensure they last for as long as possible. Carpeted mats can be cleaned with standard carpet cleaning products and should be hoovered regularly to prevent a built-up of dust or mud. Rubber mats can be cleaned using a damp cloth but should be completely dry before being put back in the car.

Car Mats
Your car floor mats should be cleaned regularly to ensure they last for as long as possible.