How to Fit Car Sun Shades

Laitovo Sunshades Information & Fitting

Car sunshades have traditionally been a product that needs to be stuck onto the glass of the windows and whilst they offer protection from the sun, may limit the view of any passengers. However, Laitovo have reinvented the way we think about car sunshades with their modern and inventive products.

Covering a huge range of vehicles with a specific-fit for each, these sunshades are quick and easy to fit and remove, offer protection from the suns UV rays and offer privacy and added security thanks to the tinted look. They do not touch the glass, meaning the window can be open to allow fresh air in, whilst keeping bugs and debris out.

Some sunshades have a harsh mesh that can be hard to see through or cause motion sickness due to blurred vision… but Laitovo sunshades use a fine micro-cell polymer-coated mesh to ensure good vision all around the vehicle.

Fitting Instructions

The sunshades come with full colour instructions and fixings where required, meaning they can be fitted easily at home and can be removed if you want to return the car to it’s original specification. This is an advantage over professional window tinting, which may not only be more expensive but is also much harder to remove if this is necessary.
So, if you’re looking for a product that offers protection from the sun, wind, insects and much more, Laitovo sunshades will be a great solution and come highly recommended.

Car Sun Shades