Knowing the right angle…

Interior Mirror Adjustment

The correct set up and positioning of car mirrors is essential to ensure the safety of yourself, passengers and other road users.

There are times you may need to move or change your mirrors.

  • When parking you may need to angle down the passenger mirror to see the curb. 
  • If you adjust your seat, you will need to re check positions.
  • If towing a caravan, you may require additional wide angle mirrors, which can be clipped on.
  • Small blind spot mirrors can added if extra visibility is needed.

Interior rear view mirror adjustment

Sitting in your normal driving position, move the mirror with your left hand. Ensure you can see as much of the rear window as possible and less of the car interior.  Frame the rear window as much as possible.

The rear view mirror is a flat glass, so is important to give perspective on how far away other objects are.

Wing Mirror Adjustment

Driver side mirror adjustment

Sitting in the driver’s seat, adjust the glass by either using the manual adjustment lever, or the electric adjustment switch in the car.

To adjust the height, first find the horizon ( the point the road disappears into the distance ) and position this point in the middle of the mirror. Next adjust the side movement so that only a small part of the car is in view. This will ensure greatest visibility.

Passenger side mirror adjustment

Again, sitting in the driver’s seat, reposition the mirror so that the horizon point is in the centre and only a small part of the car is in view.