Thule Roof Boxes

We stock a wide selection of Thule roof boxes for cars including the popular Thule Force and Thule Motion ranges. Thule's high quality car roof boxes are popular with holiday-makers who may be limited on internal car space or need additional car roof storage solutions when on the road. You can find the perfect size to fit your vehicle with roof box capacity ranging from 300 litres to 500 litres, there's a Thule roof box that's suitable for everyone. Thule manufacturer their roof boxes using the highest quality materials to ensure their products are aerodynamic, meet safety requirements and allow for maximum protection to drivers.

What's the best Thule Roof Box for my car?

When looking for a Thule Roof Box you first need to consider the size of your vehicle and its weight limits. For instance, a supermini like a Ford Fiesta or a Vauxhall Corsa wouldn't be suited to a 500L Thule roof box with a length longer than 200cm as it would hang over the sides of the roof. There are four things you'd need to check before purchasing a Thule roof box; vehicle roof length, maximum carry weight (found in your car manufacturer's guide), roof rack fitting & suitability and finally style/volume of the Thule roof box.

Are Thule Roof Boxes worth the investment?

Thule is a leading manufacturer of high quality car travel equipment. If you're looking to invest in a Thule Roof Box then you'll be doing so long term. Thule Roof Boxes are engineered to last and the higher price point reflects the efforts that go into ensuring the materials and aerodynamic design aren't compromised for those looking to regularly transport more luggage when on the road. Thule also provide a wide range of complementary spare parts and accessories to ensure you get the most out of your Thule Roof Box while protecting your items on every journey.

Should I buy a Thule Force Roof Box or a Thule Motion Roof Box?

The Thule Motion Roof Box would be deemed slightly more premium than the Thule Force Roof Box for three reasons; the first being a more advanced locking system – the sliding lock offers a solid security which requires little effort to use. The second being the material thickness – the Thule Motion Roof Box is made from a slightly thicker plastic allowing for a stronger and securer base. The third being the finish – a sleeker gloss coat in comparison to the Thule Force's textured matt, along with a more contemporary shape gives the Thule Motion Roof Box an extra edge over the Thule Force Roof Box.