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Swedish Ice Scrapers

Shop the Swedish Ice Scraper range at DriveDen. Laser-cut ice scrapers with diamond-polished edges.

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Browse the complete range of Swedish Ice Scrapers at DriveDen today, where you’ll find the Original and the Mini in a choice of colours. 

To get off your drive as fast as possible during frosty and icy conditions, invest in one of the laser-cut and diamond-polished ice scrapers from this premium Swedish brand. Tough enough to remove the harshest frost, this handheld scraper can be stored in your car’s glove box throughout the winter so it’s always handy when you need it. 

Choose from our selection of Swedish Ice Scrapers today and receive free UK delivery when you spend over £30. To get your car ready for the winter weather, you may also want to pick up a car cover to prevent frost from developing on your windscreen overnight, as well as a set of snow chains to make sure you can always get off your drive, no matter how bad the weather gets.