Car Wiper Blades

Shop for replacement car wiper blades and find front or rear blades that attach to your vehicle instantly. When car windscreen wipers become faulty it's essential to replace them before your next drive, not only protecting from wet weather conditions but also from hazardous materials that may spring out of the blue when on the road. We offer the best quality windscreen wiper blades to ensure your car is fitted with a set that has longevity, giving you peace of mind and value for money.

  • £4 – £43

Which Bosch wiper blades fit my car?

Bosch is a leading manufacturer of custom-fit flat wiper blades, each vehicle type will require a set that is tailored to fit properly to prevent any damage or improper usage to the car. Bosch offer Aerotwin blades, a unique technical feature that enables them to be fitted without any brackets. While the Super Plus range is suited to cars with conventional ‘hooked’ wiper arms. Each Bosch product comes with a product code that can be found in our product titles, but to make things easier enter your car registration into our yellow search box and we’ll provide a list of all wipers that fit your vehicle perfectly.

How often should you change flat wipers on a car?

It’s often recommended to change your front and rear wipers annually, but with good care they can last much longer. When cleaning your car make sure you wipe the dirt off the blade rubber and also off the car windows. Be sure not to use the wipers on windows that are yet to be de-iced and scrape away any excess leaves from your vehicle before setting off on your next journey. If your blades are leaving behind large streaks of dirt, making loud noises or have loose/split bits of rubber then it should be time for a new set.

Can a car fail an MOT on wiper blades?

Yes, a car MOT will fail if they are damaged. Not having enough screenwash is also a testing point. Rear wipers are usually exempt from MOT tests, but having a fully functioning one will ensure for safer driving when on the road. Purchasing a new set before your MOT would be the best way to avoid any extra charges at the garage.