Car Dog Guards

Stop your dog from trying to reach the front seat with one of our custom-fit car dog guards, designed to keep your buddy in the boot of the car ensuring safety of both pet and passengers. Our guards are made from a either a solid metal frame with bars or are covered in solid mesh string to prevent your pooch from manoeuvring through the vehicle. What's more! All our pet barriers attach themselves to the headrests of the rear car seats, this means no drilling is required and you can fully protect the interior of your vehicle at the same time. Why not combine one with a rubber boot liner, and stop those pesky paws from digging into the fabric of your boot floor.

What is the best way to secure a dog in the car?

There are many ways to secure your four-legged friend in a car when on the road, from seatbelts to dedicated crates/boxes, our preferred method is by using a car dog guard. These barriers are a secure way of giving your animal its own space in the vehicle whilst protecting passengers & drivers by stopping them climbing through the interior. The gap between the headrests and the ceiling of each vehicle is different, which is why we've got an abundance of custom-fit solutions available depending on the make and model of your vehicle. This ensures they can't get through any small gaps when driving.

How do you install car pet barriers?

Fortunately, when installing the product there isn't any drilling required, preventing unnecessary damage to the car, it's simply a case of removing the headrests and sliding the frame through the metal bars before fixing them in to place. The fixings provided allow you to tighten the guard to the headrests to prevent it from flipping horizontally. If you're struggling to follow the paper instructions when it comes to fitting your new purchase, check out our YouTube video which demonstrates how to fit a dog guard using the parts provided by our supplier ErgoTech.

How do I stop worrying about my dog in the car?

It can be nerve-racking when you first take your little one out in the car, some people like to build up to it by using a doggy seatbelt and attaching this to a harness first. This allows you to sit in the rear seats with them to ensure they're kept comfortable on their initial journey. Eventually though you need a permanent solution, which is why having a dog guard is perfect for securing your pal when driving. It gives them the space they need in the boot of your car and limits distractions. It's important to regulate the temperature in the car to prevent them over-heating (either lowering windows or turning on the air conditioning when it's hot or turning on the heaters in the winter). You should also stop every 2 hours to let your canine stretch their legs a bit, have a drink of water and an opportunity to do their business.