Swedish Ice Scraper

The Swedish Ice Scraper stands as the ultimate solution for efficient ice and frost removal from car windows, specially crafted to tackle the harsh Nordic winters. Available in dark red, black, yellow, and ice blue, this indispensable tool is made from 6mm recycled acrylic glass, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance.

Its one-motion brush swiftly eliminates ice, aided by thoughtful features such as a windscreen wiper slot, a central hole with a neoprene holder for a secure grip, and diamond-polished edges to prevent scratching. A must-have for winter, or an ideal gift for gadget-loving drivers, the Swedish Ice Scraper combines functionality with style.

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Key Features

Diamond Polished Scraping Edge

Wiper Blade Cleaning Slot

Rounded Protective Corners

Laser Cut Recycled Acrylic Glass

Plough Shaped for Efficient Scraping

Comfortable Ergonomic Design

Neoprene Comfort Holder

Available in 4 Great Colours

What Makes the Swedish Ice Scraper a Best Buy

Laser Cut and Diamond Polished Ice Scraper

What makes the Swedish Ice Scraper so unique?

The Swedish Ice Scraper as the name suggests was designed in Sweden to beat the tough Nordic winters, its unique features ensure it scrapes the most toughest of frost and ice stuck to your vehicle’s windows. The hole in the middle and the neoprene holder makes it easy to hold as you push away large slabs of ice from your car windows. A bonus slot for cleaning windscreen wipers and smooth polished corners protect sealants on your vehicle. The Swedish Ice Scraper also makes a great present for a new driver, a new car owner or even as a Christmas stocking filler.

Ice Scraper Made for Car Door Windows

With heated car windscreens do I still need an ice scraper?

Most new cars come with heated glass windscreens which are great at melting frost & ice before setting off in your car. Ice scrapers are still faster at removing ice from your windscreen than sitting in your car for 5-10mins waiting for everything to defrost. They also provide added value when used in conjunction with heated windows as they can scrape away any residue and slush. Many cars still have standard glass windows on their car doors, so having an ice scraper to hand to ensure your blind spots are fully clear as well is also beneficial.

Store Ice Scraper in a Glove Compartment

Why shouldn’t I use credit cards or hot water to melt ice on my car windows?

Using a credit card for ice scraping is a last-minute option that can damage both the card and your car windows. The Swedish Ice Scraper, made from recycled acrylic glass with a diamond-polished edge, is thicker than standard scrapers, reducing the risk of scratches. Boiling water or hot towels pose a risk of cracks and breakages. Keep the Swedish Ice Scraper in your glove compartment for instant, effective ice removal without the drawbacks of makeshift alternatives.

Swedish Ice Scraper Reviews

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Additional Storage Sleeve

Swedish Ice Scraper Storage Sleeve

The neoprene sleeve is a practical accessory designed to safeguard your Swedish Ice Scraper from scratches and damage. Crafted from durable, stretchy synthetic rubber, the waterproof sleeve, with its easy slip-on design and velcro fastening, ensures convenient storage and protection, prolonging the ice scraper's lifespan for numerous winters.


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