Swedish Ice Scraper

The Swedish Ice Scraper is the ultimate tool for superior ice and frost removal from your car windows, designed to combat the Nordic winters it's available in four different colours; dark red, black, yellow and ice blue. Made from 6mm recycled acrylic glass the Swedish Ice Scraper is durable, clean looking and excels at eliminating ice from your car with swift one-motion brushes. With some nifty features including a windscreen wiper slot, a central hole & neoprene holder for a secure grip when swiping and diamond polished edges to prevent scratching, the Swedish Ice Scraper is a must for Winter or as a gift for the gadget loving driver.

With heated car windscreens do I still need an ice scraper?

Most new cars come with heated glass windscreens which are great at melting frost & ice before setting off in your car. Ice scrapers are still faster at removing ice from your windscreen than sitting in your car for 5-10mins waiting for everything to defrost. They also provide added value when used in conjunction with heated windows as they can scrape away any residue and slush. Many cars still have standard glass windows on their car doors, so having an ice scraper to hand to ensure your blind spots are fully clear as well is also beneficial. The Swedish Ice Scraper also comes with an added slot to clear your wiper blades. There’s nothing worse than rushing to set off the heated windscreens only to realise you’ve left the automated windscreen wipers on, causing them to rake across the screen and damaging the rubber lining and having to fork out for replacements. Scraping before getting in the car reduces that risk.

Why shouldn’t I use credit cards or hot water to melt ice on my car windows?

Using a credit card to scrape ice of car is normally a last-minute resort for those that don’t have anything to hand. Not only does result in you having to ask for a replacement card from the bank but it also increases the risk of scratching the windscreen and car windows. The Swedish Ice Scraper is made from recycled acrylic glass, has a diamond polished edge and is a lot thicker than your standard ice scraper to eliminate those scratching concerns. Boiling a kettle and either pouring or rubbing a hot towel across car windows massively increases the changes of causing cracks and breakages in your windows, just don’t do it – keep a Swedish Ice Scraper in your glove compartment for instant effective ice scraping.

What makes the Swedish Ice Scraper so unique?

The Swedish Ice Scraper as the name suggests was designed in Sweden to beat the tough Nordic winters, its unique features ensure it scrapes the most toughest of frost and ice stuck to your vehicle’s windows. The hole in the middle and the neoprene holder makes it easy to hold as you push away large slabs of ice from your car windows. A bonus slot for cleaning windscreen wipers and smooth polished corners protect sealants on your vehicle. Each Swedish Ice Scraper comes packed in a unique cardboard gift box making it a great present for a new driver, a new car owner or even as a Christmas stocking filler.