Top Tips on Mastering Your Vehicle's Interior with Custom-Fit Car Mats

Welcome to our top tips page on buying, fitting and looking after custom-fit car mats. Whether you're seeking to enhance your vehicle's interior protection, aesthetics, or both, this guide will provide you with valuable insights on selecting the perfect mats. From considerations like looks and product fitment to features that protect your vehicle when on the road, we've got you covered in making an informed decision.

The Advantages of Custom-Fit Car Mats

The top two benefits of having tailored car mats are they are safer than traditional universal car mats and they also look better.

Safety Advantages of Custom-Fit Car Mat Sets

Why are Custom-Fit Car Mats Safer?

Firstly, tailored mats will fit correctly and this is vitally important for safety. Universal mats may fill a gap but some will also protrude too far and possibly interfere with the pedals – a definite no-no for the driver. Tailored mats will be designed to cover as much of the footwell as possible whilst ensuring the pedals can travel the full distance safely. Most driver’s mats come with fixings in place so they can be secured and prevented from bunching up and causing any issues when driving.

Better Looks and Aesthetics of Tailored Car Mats

Why Do Custom-Fit Car Mats Look Better?

Another advantage is the way that tailored mats will enhance the look and feel of the interior. As they are designed to fit perfectly, they will look like they are meant to be in place in the vehicle, rather than being an added extra. This is especially true if the buyer picks a carpeted set, which can blend in seamlessly with the surroundings. However, a good set of tailored rubber mats can look just as good. A car’s interior can look and feel incomplete without a tailored set of mats and it can be surprising just how much you’ll appreciate them when a tailored set is in place.

How to Fit Car Mats and Look After Them

Installing Custom-Fit Car Floor Mats

Once you have received your new mats, we would recommend removing the original mats from the vehicle and cleaning the area thoroughly. You can then simply place the new mats in the car. It is advisable not to place the new mats over the top of any existing mats as this will cause unnecessary bulk and potentially cause them to slip and bunch up, which is especially a problem on the driver’s side.

Car Mat Fitment Checking

Once the new mats are in place, care should be taken to ensure the mats lie flat and do not interfere with any pedals. Any fixings that come with the mats should be connected to the corresponding fixing points in the vehicle’s floor, so the mats are held in place securely. There are a few different fixing types but they are all simple to fit and should match any original fixings.

Washing and Cleaning Rubber Car Mats

Once installed, the mats should be regularly cleaned to ensure they last for as long as possible. Carpeted mats can be cleaned with standard carpet cleaning products and should be hoovered regularly to prevent a built-up of dust or mud. Rubber mats can be cleaned using a damp cloth but should be completely dry before being put back in the car.

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