Fixed Point Roof Bars

We've put together a category containing all our fixed point roof bars, so if you've already comfortably identified that your vehicle has fixed points on it you can use our website filters to find a car roof bar set that fits perfectly. In some scenarios, it's not a simple case of choosing roof bars based solely on the make and model of your vehicle. Our customers need to be aware what roof rail type they have; these can differ based on when a car was released or if any modifications have been carried out. If you're unsure if your vehicle has fixed points or not or not, take a look at our roof bar buying guide to give you some visual guidance. Do also read our product titles, they will tell you if the set you are looking at is suitable for closed roof rail types (see what's in the brackets).

What do cars with fixed points look like?

It can normally be easy to spot if your vehicle has fixed points or not by identifying long (normally black) strips that run parallel to each other on the roof of your car. There will be no rails on the car but instead four sliding tabs that sit within each of the strips. These slide away to reveal screw fixing holes, consult your manufacturers guide if you’re struggling to slide these. We then put together our roof bar sets to include foot packs that screw into these existing fixings, notably why they’re referred to as fixed points.