Car Roof Bars

We stock a variety of car roof bars from well-known brands including; Thule roof bars, Modula roof bars and Farad roof bars, that are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly. All our roof racks come as sets, we include all the fixings and parts you need to easy assemble the kit to your car roof. By using our car registration lookup or our website filters you'll be able to reduce the search results to find a selection of roof bar types that are suitable to your vehicle. Understanding the different roof bar styles, components and features can be confusing, so be sure to check out our roof bar buying guide to help you find what you're looking for. If you're putting the set together yourself or need to order replacement parts then don't forget to check out our roof bar spares category too.

We select a variety of steel roof bars and aluminium roof bars from leading car travel brands designed to fit your vehicle. Whether you have open rail, closed roof rail, fixed point or no roof rails you'll find a pair of roof bars to attach to your car.

  • £2 – £315

What are car roof bars used for?

Car roof racks have multiple purposes and are mainly used to transport bulkier items on the roof of your car without compromising on space internally. They are popular with holiday-goers, sport enthusiasts and traders looking to transport equipment when on the road. Roof bars allow for larger items to be carried on your car roof while maintaining a gap to prevent damage to the roof surface. Popular items such as roof boxes and ladders can be attached, and they can also be used to carry sporting goods such as bike racks, canoes, skis, kayaks and much more.

Is it worth investing in a roof rack for my car?

Even if you only make one trip a year with your roof bars, they can still be a worthwhile investment. Going on a family camping trip and having little room for accessories and equipment in the boot of your car can come with many challenges. Roof bars are valuable to handy workers who can't fit ladders and large objects in their vehicles too. At DriveDen we stock sets for a range of uses, including steel roof bars for those who perhaps don't transport travel equipment all year round to more efficient aluminium roof bars for people who regularly require a reliable car transportation storage solution.

What type of roof bars do I need for my car?

The majority of road vehicles come with four different roof types and there are car roof bars available for each of them. Some cars will have pre-fitted rails that roof racks can easily attach to, some have removable elements to slot in roof bars and others simple clip under the doors of the vehicle to function. To find out if you have fixed point roof bars, no rail roof bars, open rail roof bars or closed rail roof bars check out our roof bar buying guide and check what fitment your car has.