Car Roof Bars

Discover a diverse selection of car roof bars crafted by market-leading brands and carefully designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle's roof. We sell our bars as complete sets, inclusive of all necessary fixings and components for effortless assembly onto your car roof. These car travel accessories are designed to provide additional functionality to your vehicle, enabling secure attachment of items like roof boxes, bike racks, ladders, materials or kayak carriers. Whether you're embarking on a road trip or seeking outdoor adventure, our range of roof bars ensures reliable support for your cargo, ensuring your next journey maximises interior space when travelling.

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Top Brands

Thule, Modula, and Farad are reputable brands known for their quality and reliability in rooftop cargo management solutions. Each brand provides a dependable solution for transporting your gear efficiently when on the road.

DriveDen Thule Roof Bars

Thule Roof Bars

Discover a range of Thule sets including the popular WingBar Edge, WingBar Evo and SquareBar Evo collections.

DriveDen Modula Roof Bars

Modula Roof Bars

Our Modula sets are designed & manufactured in Italy to the highest quality to ensure a seamless travel experience when on the road.

DriveDen Shop Farad Roof Bars

Farad Roof Bars

Equip your car with a set by Farad, robust aerodynamic roof bars at competitive prices.

Why Choose to Buy Roof Bars from DriveDen?

  • Wide choice of brands: Thule, Modula, Farad.
  • Easy to find sets that fit by entering your car reg.
  • Choice of styles: wing, aero, steel and more.
  • Speedy delivery with next day options available.
  • Secure payment options including PayPal.
  • Spare and replacement parts can be bought individually.
  • Manufactured to the highest standards across Europe.

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Find Roof Bars for your Vehicle

Roof Bar Buying Guide

Still stuck on finding the right system for your vehicle?

We’ve compiled a handy guide that goes into more depth to help you get to grips with the core functions and requirements of various roof bars to ensure you have all the parts you need for a successful journey when on the road.

Roof Bar Buying Guide

DriveDen Roof Bar Buying Guide

Find Yours by Rail Type

Each vehicle roof is unique in design and functionality, it’s important to understand whether you car has existing rails in-built or not before choosing a set. If your car has roof fixtures it’s also key to learn which type you have.

No Roof Rails

No Roof Rails

Clear roof with no fixtures or rails attached to the car.

Related Categories

If you’re looking for additional accessories or upgrades to your existing setup or perhaps looking to replace a spare part then we’ve got you covered.

DriveDen Roof Bar Spare Parts

Roof Bar Spare Parts

If you're looking for replacement parts or perhaps upgrading your bars and don’t require a full set, then browse our range of spares to find the bits you need to complete your package.

DriveDen Roof Bar Accessories

Roof Bar Accessories

Upgrade your roof rack system with a range of add-ons and accessories to ensure you’re looking after your roof bars when travelling or keeping them in storage.

DriveDen Shop Straps and Tie-Downs

Straps & Tie-Downs

Securing bulky items to the top of your vehicle may require tie-downs to keep everything in place. Find popular straps from Polaire, Simply and Thule.

Advice & Information

Struggling to find what you need or have a question about one of our roof bar products then get in touch with a member of our team today.

Our experts are on hand to provide essential advice for prospective buyers.


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Find Roof Bars for your Vehicle


What are car roof bars used for?

Car roof racks have multiple purposes and are mainly used to transport bulkier items on the roof of your car without compromising on space internally. They are popular with holiday-goers, sport enthusiasts and traders looking to transport equipment when on the road. They allow for larger items to be carried on your car roof while maintaining a gap to prevent damage to the roof surface. Popular items such as roof boxes and ladders can be attached, and they can also be used to carry sporting goods such as bike racks, canoes, skis, kayaks and much more.

Is it worth investing in a roof rack for my car?

Even if you only make one trip a year, investing in a set can still be a worthwhile option. Going on a family camping trip and having little room for accessories and equipment in the boot of your car can come with many challenges. They also offer value to handy workers who can’t fit ladders and large objects in their vehicles too. At DriveDen, we stock sets for a range of uses, including steel designs for those who perhaps don’t transport travel equipment all year round to more efficient aluminium designs for people who regularly require a reliable car transportation storage solution.

What type of roof bars do I need for my car?

The majority of road vehicles come with four different roof types and there are supporting foot packs available for each of them. Some cars will have pre-fitted rails that roof racks can easily attach to, some have removable elements to slot in roof bars and others simple clip under the doors of the vehicle to function. To find out if you have fixed point, no rail, open rail or closed rail, check out our roof bar buying guide and check what fitment your car has.