Roof Rack for Car without Rails

We've put together a category containing all our roof bars for cars without rails, so if you've already comfortably identified that your vehicle has no roof rails you can use our website filters to find a car roof bar set that fits perfectly. In some scenarios, it's not a simple case of choosing roof bars based solely on the make and model of your vehicle. Our customers need to be aware what roof rail type they have; these can differ based on when a car was released or if any modifications have been carried out. If you're unsure if your vehicle has roof rails or not or not, take a look at our roof bar buying guide to give you some visual guidance. Do also read our product titles, they will tell you if the set you are looking at is suitable for closed roof rail types (see what's in the brackets).

  • £69 – £315

What do cars without roof rails look like?

This one is straight forward, a smooth roof with nothing on it is what you’re looking out for. But don’t get caught out as some vehicles have strips running down the sides of their car roof that could have fixed point placements. For cars without roof rails we put our sets together to include foot packs that secure underneath the top of the door openings.