Rubber Boot Mats

Ensure your car trunk is fully protected with a rubber boot mat from DriveDen. We custom-cut our mats to fit your car boot perfectly. Rubber boot liners are great for protecting your vehicles' fabric floors from daily wear-and-tear including; dog scratches, rolling luggage, shopping and general boot storage items. All of our liners have raised edges around the sides to contain dirt and liquids, while the thick rubber material makes them impermeable compared to many traditional products on the market. Use the website filters to find a mat that fits the make and model of your vehicle, or for the most accurate results enter your car registration into the yellow box.

Need some more advice on choosing the right one for your car? Then take a peek at our boot liner buying guide for more information.

How do you fit one of our car boot liners?

Fitting one of our car boot liners is simple! We roll them up and package them into long tubes for easy transportation, so the first thing to do is to unroll the liner and place it flat down with the sides up in the boot of your car. Push its corners into the corners of the boot and press down on the mat to eliminate any excess air underneath. It can take up to 3 days for the boot liner to fully flatten and fill the space completely, you can speed this along by weighing it down with heavy goods.

Are rubber boot liners better than fabric boot liners?

Rubber boot liners are more effective than fabric alternatives as not only are they waterproof, but they are also more likely to have a longer life span due to their thickness and ability to protect against stronger scratches. If you have a dog then these hard-wearing boot mats are ideal for excited diggers giving you peace of mind they're not ripping up softer materials. They pair perfectly with one of car dog guards.

What is the difference between DriveDen and Gledring boot mats?

Both our DriveDen and Gledring are equally as effective at protecting car boots. DriveDen mats are slightly more premium, with higher raised edges and a textured finish over the rubber for more grip. You can read more about DriveDen boot mats here >> The Gledring mats are made from pure thick rubber, have a  slightly lower rim and can be paired with one of the Gledring rubber bumper protectors.