The Launch: DriveDen Boot Mats

Introducing our new collection of DriveDen Boot Mats - the ultimate solution for superior vehicle interior protection. Our very own range of boot mats are the result of extensive customer feedback and product research. These mats retain beloved features, including tailored fit solutions that shield your vehicle from daily impacts like dirt, spills, and wear, while incorporating eco-friendly manufacturing methods to reduce their ecological footprint.

With easy cleaning and installation, our custom-fit rubber boot liners offer exceptional durability and all-weather defence, making it a wise investment for every car owner. Made in Europe from flexible TPE rubber and featuring a textured top surface for superior grip, our liners ensure complete coverage and non-slip protection, preserving your car's value for the long haul.

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Key Features

Enhanced Protection

Easy to Clean

Quality Materials

Custom-fit Design



Reducing Ecological Footprint

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The Making Of

Selecting Moulds to Manufacture DriveDen Rubber Boot Mats

The process starts by making boot mat moulds that allow us to blend the required materials to form the shape of each unique boot area. Every car model will be different, and we need to ensure we have the moulds for every variation of that vehicle. A lengthy task where we prioritise moulds based on the most popular UK vehicles and new cars coming to market.

Keeping to Minimal Waste When Producing DriveDen Car Boot Mats

Using the highest quality certified TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) materials, all of which are free from latex, cadium, lead or other harmful PVCs, we form the boot liner into shape using our moulds. All our boot liner materials are sourced from the European market, and we ensure all offcuts are reinvested back into production keeping to a zero-waste model where possible.

Safeguarding DriveDen Boot Liners from Adverse Weather Conditions

A UV protection component alongside a textured top surface completes the manufacturing process. The result is a boot liner that is highly resistant to deformation, chemicals & abrasion, retaining its flexibility to both high & low temperatures (-50°C to + 110°C) and safeguarding against those hot Summer days or icy Winters maintaining top performance.

Fitting & Cleaning DriveDen Boot Mats

How to Fit a New Boot Liner

How to Fit a DriveDen Boot Mat to your Vehicle

The boot mat's simplicity lies in its lightweight and elastic nature. Just unroll the mat from its packaging and gently lay flat on the ground ensuring the elevated borders point upwards. Once done, simply pick up the mat pointing the arrows alongside the DriveDen logo towards the boot of your vehicle before placing it inside directly on top of the upholstery, pushing into the corners and pressing out any trapped air. Then you're all set!

Cleaning DriveDen Boot Mats

How to Clean a DriveDen Rubber Boot Mat

Our boot mats are a breeze to keep clean and due to their unique structure, you can simply wipe them over with a cloth or rinse with a sponge & soapy water. For tougher grime, a pressure washer works great due to the material’s high resistance. While detergents are fine, we do advise against glossy agents (bleaches, oils and chlorines are a big no-no!) which can grease the mat and attract dirt to the surface.

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