Bike Racks

We've got a wide selection of car bike racks for the avid cycling enthusiast. Whether you're looking to transport your bikes by car to an event or a family holiday we've got you covered. We stock rear mount, roof mount, towbar mount and racks for electric bikes to give you a wide selection of mounting locations to choose from when travelling on the road. You'll find a range of top brands to choose from including; Thule, Saris, Peruzzo and Fabbri. If you need advice on choosing the right cycle rack, then get in touch with a member of our team and we'd be able to advise on a size that best suits your vehicle.

Can you put one on any vehicle?

Most cycle carriers are universal and tend to fit the majority of vehicles, but it's best to find one that's suited to your car size, shape and requirements. If you already have a set of car roof bars, then the simplest option would be to attach a roof mounted version to your car for quick and easy transportation. If you're already transporting a roof box on your car or don't want to invest in a set of roof bars then a rear mount version may be the most suitable option. These tend to attach to the boot door of your car using clip-on straps. And finally if you have a van or large SUV then it's worth investigating a tow bar mounted version, please note a towbar must be pre-fitted to your vehicle before selection this option. So in short, yes any vehicle has the potential to carry one – a bit of research into what your car can carry is needed before making a purchase.

Can you open the boot with a rack on it?

Nearly all racks are made to ensure your car boot door will open while the rack is in place. It's best to check each product to see whether they can open with bicycles mounted or not. Rear mounted carriers can normally remain attached with the boot door open but without any cycles attached. Towbar mounted carriers normally come with a tilting mechanism that enables you to pull the bike rack forward while still mounted. It's worth checking the product description to understand the specific functional of each carrier before making a decision to purchase.

What are some of the leading models?

With a huge range of on the market, it can be difficult to know where to begin when looking for the best one. Thule is probably one of the most recognizable brands in the industry, they are renowned for being top quality products and worth the long term investment. Saris and Peruzzo are familiar brands that manufacture high quality bicycle carrying systems at a more affordable price bracket. While Fabbri are known for their robust aluminium structure making them easy to lift on and off vehicles.