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Keep your car in top shape with a wide range of car accessories that have been carefully selected to safeguard your vehicle. Looking for a replacement windscreen wiper? Take home a wiper blade set that's tailored to fit your vehicle today. Or dive into our winter accessories collection and grab yourself a premium Swedish Ice Scraper, the perfect tool for frosty mornings. Our car care category offers everything from car cleaning products, Stoplock car wheel locks to protective seat covers and heated seat cushions. Keeping your car in top tip condition has never been easier.

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What items are handy to keep in my car?

In your car essentials could include an ice scraper for frosty mornings, demister pads for clear visibility, a window breaker/seatbelt cutter for emergencies, and a spare set of wiper blades for sudden issues with the blade rubber during unexpected downpours or road debris. These items ensure you're always prepared for unanticipated situations on the road.

What should I keep in my car if it breaks down?

For a well-prepared breakdown kit, include essentials like a tyre inflator, high visibility jackets for road safety, and a reliable car battery charger. Additionally, pack a compact torch, basic tools such as, jumper cables, and a first aid kit. These items can help you stay safe and address common issues while awaiting roadside assistance.

How can I add an extra layers of protection and security to my vehicle?

Enhance your vehicle's security with practical measures like installing robust car security locks, utilising seat covers and protectors to prevent damage to the interior, and keeping emergency accessories such as a tyre inflators, torches, and relevant clothing on hand. These simple additions can significantly bolster your vehicle's safety and preparedness.