Thule Bike Racks

Looking for the ultimate bike transportation solution? Then take a peek at our selection of Thule Bike Racks. Thule are a leading manufacturer of premium car travel accessories and they offer a wide range of bike racks that fit comfortably on your car. Our range includes Thule roof mounted bike racks, Thule rear mounted bike racks and Thule towbar bike racks along with all the Thule bike accessories and Thule bike rack spare parts you’ll need to enhance your bike carrying needs.

  • £2 – £749

What’s the maximum weight I can carry on a Thule bike rack?

For most Thule bike racks the maximum weight of your bikes should be under 30kg, but this can differ depending on what model you choose for your car. It’s also important to note the load capacity of your vehicle, most vehicles can have a load capacity of 60kg but it’s best to check in your manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your maximum load capacity isn’t less and to ensure you don’t cause risk by exceeding the limit when on the road. You can use our handy car registration tool that will help you understand whether the Thule bike rack you’re researching is suitable to your vehicle make and model.

Why are Thule bike racks so expensive?

Thule is renowned for being one of the leading bike rack brands on the market, they invest heavily in their research and development along with using robust materials to bring unique products that exceed expectations. You’ll find that many Thule bike racks come out of the box and require little assembly and once you’ve taken your bikes out on one or two trips you’ll find that you can roll up and attach bikes to your car with ease. It’s good to note if you ever need spare parts or complementing accessories, Thule also make a huge selection of bike rack accessories to help tailor your Thule bike racks to your own personal needs.

Can I carry electric bikes on my Thule bike rack?

Not all Thule bike racks can carry electric bikes, most notably because of the weight of many ebikes and their thicker frames. We stock a few Thule towbar bike racks that are compatible with electric bikes including; the EasyFold XT and the VeloSpace XT, which clip easily around the ball part of a vehicle’s towbar and can be complimented with loading ramps, so you can roll up your heavier bikes instead of lifting them onto the rear or roof of your car.