Farad Roof Bars & Roof Racks

We've collated a selection of Farad Roof Bars to provide our customers with a choice of roof racks that compete with some of the leading brands on the market. The best way to see which Farad roof bars fit your car is by entering your car registration in the yellow box on our website. But to help you distinguish between the various styles we’ve put together a quick terminology guide to explain their core differences.

Farad Roof Bar Styles

Farad Aero Roof Bars: oval in shape for reduced wind noise, made from lightweight durable aluminium, comes with a unique key lock system for security, t-track slot to slide on pairing accessories.
Farad Square Roof Bars: useful for pairing with U-clamp accessories, made from steel for longevity and for those with looking at a roof bar set on a budget.
Farad Wing Roof Bars: aerodynamic shape giving the lowest wind noise of all Farad roof bars, the same benefits as Farad Aero roof bars but with the sleekest looking design.

Farad Roof Bar Foot Packs

Farad Hilo: standard foot pack system, best value and low cost, quickest fitment solution for vehicles with existing side rails due to their streamlined universal design.
Farad Pro: enhanced foot pack system, comes with covers and a secure locking system for a professional look, great fitment solution for vehicles with no rails or fixed-point roofs.

  • £25 – £149