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Find your ideal car roof box and make more space in your vehicle when travelling on the road. We stock high quality car transportation equipment from leading manufacturer, Modula, to suit all budget types. Our roof boxes are available in an array of colours, sizes and aerodynamic styles for you to choose from ensuring you find the best roof box for your car at DriveDen. All our roof boxes are delivered by two delivery drivers who will happily place it in a room of your choice, our roof boxes taken up to 3 workings days to arrive on the UK mainland*, more shipping details can be found on our delivery information page. If you're looking for a good car top box storage solution for your car that's space efficient and practical for your next camping or road trip, then you've landing in the right place.

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Find a Suitable Roof Box Size & Shape

Shop Large Roof Boxes

Large Roof Boxes

We’ve curated a collection of large roof boxes that are suitable for those with bigger vehicles including vans and SUVs.

Shop Small Roof Boxes

Small Roof Boxes

Stuck with a compact vehicle or a hatchback but looking for room on the roof of your car, here you’ll find all our small roof boxes.

Shop Narrow Roof Boxes

Narrow Roof Boxes

Looking to transport both bikes and roof boxes on the roof of your car? Our narrow roof box category helps deliver the best of both worlds.

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Best Roof Box Picks

Shop Modula Beluga Easy 460L Roof Box

The Modula Beluga roof box is our top budget buy, available in a sleek embossed black finish it’s the perfect solution for those looking for a cheap roof box.

Shop Modula Beluga Easy 460L Roof Box

Shop Modula EVO 470L Gloss Black Roof Box

The Modula EVO roof box range comes in three colours; matte grey, white and a gloss black, with a hard-shell exterior you’ll just need to pick a size that best suits your vehicle.

Shop Modula EVO 470L Roof Box

Modula Wego 500L Roof Box

Our best-selling large roof box, the Modula Wego is great for those that need a car top box solution that packs a punch and can carry all your luggage needs.

Shop Modula Wego 500L Roof Box

Shop Modula Travel 460L Roof Box

The Modula Travel Easy is a great narrow width box in two lengths for small and larger cars and has all the storage space you need for transporting your essentials.

Shop Modula Travel 460L Roof Box

Modula Roof Boxes: Discover a Car Storage Solution that Fits Your Style & Budget

Roof Box Extras & Advice

Roof Box Buying Guide

Read Our Guide to Buying Roof Boxes

A comprehensive guide on what to look for when purchasing a roof box, including frequently asked questions and details to look for to find the perfect fit.

Roof Box Accessories and Add-ons

Roof Box Accessories

Complement your roof box with a selection of accessories to help protect, store and expand your roof top storage solution to get the most out of your new product.


How do I find a roof box that's specific to my car?

Most car roof boxes are universal and simply attach to your car roof bars when driving on the road. It is important to take into consideration how big your car is in comparison to the size of the roof box. If you own a supermini or compact car then you wouldn't consider a car roof box with a high internal volume (e.g. a Vauxhall Corsa carrying a roof box that exceeds 500 litres). It's also important to take into consideration the length of a roof box, as you should be able to open the boot of your vehicle without it hitting the rear end of the roof box whilst it's on top of your car.

What is the maximum weight my roof box can carry?

How much your car roof box can carry is an important factor in understanding your car weight transportation requirements. All vehicles will have information in their supplier manual on the maximum amount it can carry when driving and should be used in the decision process of choosing a new roof box. If the box and its contents are too heavy there's a risk of damaging parts of the car. While most people are unlikely to exceed the maximum weight, it's safer for drivers to understand the limitations of their vehicle.

What type of roof box is best for my car?

There is a huge selection of roof boxes on the market, and it can be difficult to identify what's best for your car. Roof box usage, price and size are all things to take into consideration when choosing a roof box. If you're only using it once a year for a family camping holiday in a large SUV then a cheap, high-volumed roof box may be the most suitable for your vehicle. If you're an avid cyclist and pairing it with a car bike rack then a smaller, higher quality roof box may be better for your requirements. If you're struggling to find the right roof box, then drop us a message via our Contact Us form and one of our experts will be able to help with your request.