Rear Mounted Car Bike Racks

One of the most popular methods of transporting bicycles by car is with a rear mounted bike rack. Rear mounted bike racks are perfect for cyclists looking to get their bikes to their next cycling destination without compromising on space inside the vehicle. It's a great solution for cars without towbars and roof bars, where in most cases rear mounted bike racks can clip easily around the car boot door for a quick fitted, out of the box solution. We stock a range of rear mounted bike racks from popular brands including; Thule, Peruzzo, Saris and Fabbri – so take a look at one that meets your style and requirements and don't forget to pop in your car reg on the product page to ensure the bike rack fits your vehicle without any issues.

Why should I choose a rear mounted bike rack?

Rear mounted bike racks are a safe way of carrying bikes when driving, without compromising on in-car space or elevating the height of your vehicle when going through tunnels or travelling on ferries. Most rear mounted bike racks also allow you to open your boot while in place, making it a great solution for those needing the boot space for dogs, luggage or additional sporting equipment.

How many bikes can I carry on the rear of my car?

Our range of rear mount bike racks can carry up to 3 bikes on the back of your car. Some of which are robust enough to even carry heavier electric bikes. Having them at the rear of your vehicle makes them easier to unclip, making them great for cyclists who rock up at their destination and want to hit cycle paths immediately.

Can you put a rear mounted bike rack on the back of any vehicle?

In the majority of cases a rear mounted bike rack can fit any vehicle type, but you do need to look at the frame design/shape to ensure the carrier moulds to the rear of your vehicle. For instance, a flat van back would need a more vertical frame without any curvatures while a typical hatchback would benefit from the installation of a smaller curved rear bike rack. If you're in doubt as to whether a specific rear mounted bike rack will fit your vehicle, then just pop your car registration in on the product page you're looking at and we'’ll confirm whether it will fit or not.