Top 5 Vehicle Essentials for Spring/Summer Outdoor Expeditions

As the warmer seasons beckon, ensure your vehicle is equipped for outdoor excursions with these essential car accessories. Invest in versatile carriers for bikes, kayaks, and canoes, ensuring hassle-free transport of sporting gear. Next, consider roof boxes to stow holiday luggage securely, freeing up interior space. For bigger vehicles, specialty carriers designed for motorhomes and caravans provide tailored transportation solutions. Prioritise safety and convenience on your spring/summer journeys by outfitting your vehicle with these must-have accessories. Whether it's a weekend getaway or an extended road trip, having the right equipment enhances the enjoyment and functionality of your outdoor expeditions.

Here’s a breakdown of our top buys...

1. Modula Roof Box

Modula roof boxes are engineered to transport your travel essentials when driving to your summer lodge, park or campsite, offering top-notch car top storage solutions for a diverse range of vehicle models. Selecting the perfect Modula roof box is effortless with sizes ranging from 300L to 500L, catering to different car dimensions. Our popular Modula Beluga roof box features a sleek black finish, while other models boast aerodynamic designs and scratch-free textures, elevating your car roof storage experience for easy access to holiday luggage without compromising on space inside the cabin (giving the kids and the dog plenty of room to move). Discover premium quality and style for your road adventures.

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Modula Roof Box Must-Have Summer Car Accessories

2. Thule Roof Mounted Bike Racks

Thule Bike Racks are indispensable for biking enthusiasts embarking on cycling holidays. Offering effortless attachment/detachment of bikes to the car roof, they a great way to transport cycles when exploring the great outdoors this Summer. Travelling with bikes on the roof also preserves boot accessibility for any additional luggage & belongings. Thule's range extends to rear and towbar mounted racks, accommodating those who may already have their car roof taken up by roof boxes. Ensuring convenience and security, Thule Bike Racks enhance the adventure of discovering new terrain while prioritising ease of transportation.

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Thule Bike Racks Must-Have Summer Car Accessories

3. Car Kayak Racks

Summer's water escapades demand kayak racks for easy transportation of boating gear atop your vehicle. Whether you're a water sports aficionado or a family seeking convenient kayak shipment, these carriers are a must go-to solution. Pair them with surf pads, bungee cords, and tie-downs for added rooftop security. Enjoy hassle-free transitions from home to the river, ensuring your summer adventures are packed with excitement and safety.

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Car Kayak Racks Must-Have Summer Car Accessories

4. Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors serve to improve driving by mitigating wind, rain, and noise inside the cabin, especially vital during unexpected downpours throughout the British summers. They redirect airflow, enhancing ventilation even in adverse weather. Moreover, they lower the chances of bugs and midges from entering the vehicle when the windows a slightly lowered. Beyond functionality, wind deflectors add a sporty flair to cars. Wind deflectors are tailor-made to fit your vehicle's windows, ensuring a perfect fit. Make your summer journey's more comfortable with a set from

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Wind Deflectors Must-Have Summer Car Accessories

5. Bike Racks for Campervans & Motorhomes

Hitting the great outdoors by van this Summer? Don't struggle with bike storage! Our specially designed campervan bike racks provide a convenient solution, ensuring you have easy access to your bicycles for outdoor adventures. With these racks neatly installed on the rear of your vehicle, you'll have more space inside for all your holiday essentials. Say goodbye to muddy wheels cluttering your interiors and hello to hassle-free biking enjoyment on your next journey.

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Campervan Bike Racks Must-Have Summer Car Accessories

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