Car Mats & Boot Liners

Protect your car floor with a selection of car mats and boot liners from DriveDen. If you've just purchased a new vehicle and are looking to eliminate mud, spills and grime from your floors then our sets will have you covered. Our selection of mats and liners are made from a robust rubber material, they are tailor made to fit into all corners of your vehicle floor with ease. Our mat sets normally come with 3-4 pieces to ensure all passengers climbing into your car have protection between the car floor and their shoes. Our boot liners come as single pieces to ensure all goods transported in the rear of the car are protected from daily wear and tear. We source our rubber mats from company's across Europe and each mat carries a unique thickness to prevent any muck and scratches from filtering through.

Why is it important to protect your car floor?

When a new vehicle is purchased you may be lucky in finding that they come with a set of car floor mats and a boot liner. These are normally OEM branded and sometimes the quality of these mats isn't up to parr. Flimsy fabric mats can be hard to clean and aren't waterproof, making them short-lasting and difficult to remove hard mud patches. We've invested in high quality rubber mats and liners to ensure all outside clutter is contained and easily removed with a shake and a spray down. The importance of protecting your vehicle floor is of paramount if you intend to sell it on in the future, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in the vehicle makes it more valuable in negotiations when it's time to trade it in.

How do I fit car floor mats and boot liners?

Our selection of boot liners and car mats come in a rolled up box and it's as easy as unrolling them and pushing them into footwells and corners of your vehicle to flatten out. Do note it may take up to 3 days for the rubber material to settle and fit uniquely in your car, so don't worry if you notice a few air bubbles underneath when you first install them. Some vehicles have floor buttons which enable a mat or liner to be clipped into place, where this is an occurrence we've designed our mats and liners to ensure they have the necessary sockets for you to push down and lock them into position.

What's the difference between Gledring and DriveDen mats?

We get this question a lot, the rubber mats and liners are very similar and each have their own merits. Gledring is manufactured in Slovenia, and they maintain their high standards when putting the moulds together. Most of our customers enjoy these mats and liners because of their thickness and the fact they give off a slight vanilla scent rather than a heavy rubber smell. The raise edges of our DriveDen mats are higher than our Gledring mats, DriveDen mats are also finished with a textured topping making them ideal for those who are happy to pay a bit more for a premium product. Our DriveDen mats are also manufactured in Europe with any loose rubber off-cuts reinvested back into the production process to minimise wastage. Both brands are thoroughly robust and can withstand the test of dogs digging in the back of your car.