Advice Centre & Buying Guides

We’ve put together a handy resource centre to help you find advice you need when buying new car accessories.

From roof bar, roof box and bike rack buying guides, to some of our top tips on caring for your products.

So if you’re unsure what roof bars will fit your car, or what’s the maximum size roof box that will fit on top of your vehicle then you’ve landed in the right place.

If you still have any questions regarding fitment or a specific product then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the DriveDen experts via our contact us page.

Advice Centre and Buying Guides

Roof Bars & Roof Racks Advice

What should I be looking for when buying a roof bar for my car?

Our top three roof bar articles, jam-packed with helpful advice on choosing, caring for and buying your new roof bars.

DriveDen roof bars buying guide

Roof Bars Buying Guide

From choosing the right fitting, to understanding locking mechanisms, our roof bar buying guide has got you covered.

View Roof Bar Advice

DriveDen Roof Bar Safety Advice

Roof Bar Safety Advice

Heading out on your first road trip with your roof bars? Follow our roof bar safety checks before setting off.

View Roof Rack Safety Advice

DriveDen Aluminium Roof Bar Advice

Why Choose Aluminium Roof Bars?

Discover the benefits of aluminium roof bars and how they impact your journey on the road.

View Aluminium Roof Bar Advice

Car Carrier Advice

Handy tips on how to maximise storage on your next getaway.

Find out the benefits and ease of transporting bicycles on the roof your car.

DriveDen Roof Box Buying Guide

Roof Box Buying Guide

Understand what to look for in size, shape and style when choosing a roof box that’s suitable for your vehicle.

View Roof Box Advice

DriveDen Roof Mounted Bike Rack Buying Guide

Roof Mounted Bike Rack Buying Guide

Whether you’re cycling enthusiast or just planning your next holiday, find why roof mounted bike racks are so popular.

View Roof Mounted Bike Rack Advice

Looking After Car Interiors

Ensure you’re investing in the protection of your vehicle and passengers with the right car accessories.

Our guides below help when choosing the right boot liners, car mats and car sun shades.

DriveDen Boot Liner Buying Guide

Boot Liner Buying Guide

Find out the value of rubber boot mats in eliminating daily wear from dogs, groceries and other mischief in the trunk.

View Boot Liner Advice

Advantages of Custom Car Mats

Advantages of Custom Car Mats

Don’t settle for universal car mats, they could cause problems further down the line. Find out why.

View Custom Car Mat Advantages

How to Fit Car Mats & Look After Them

How to Fit Car Mats & Look After Them

Looking after car mats is pretty straight-forward, but here are some tips to ensure your car interior is kept top-notch.

View Car Mat Maintenance Advice

How to Fit Car Sun Shades

How to Fit Car Sun Shades

Clipping your car sun shades to your windows may be a fiddly task. It doesn’t have to be.

View Car Sun Shade Advice

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