Why Choose Aluminium Roof Bars?

The allure of aluminium roof bars lies in their array of advantages, which has made them the preferred choice for many drivers. Firstly, aluminium bars are notably lighter, reducing the overall weight burden on the vehicle and enhancing fuel efficiency. Additionally, they boast remarkable resistance to rust and corrosion, ensuring prolonged durability even in harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, the sleek and modern design of aluminium roof bars complements the aesthetics of various vehicles. As safety is paramount, it's worth noting that these bars offer excellent load-bearing capacity, securely accommodating luggage and other cargo. Let's delve a little more into the advantages they offer.

Why Choose Aluminium Roof Bars?


Noise Reducing Car Roof Bars

Aluminium bars are much quieter than their steel equivalents thanks to their aerodynamic shape. All roof bars will generate some wind noise but an aerodynamically shaped bar will produce much less noise compared with a square bar, thanks to the shape cutting through the wind in a more efficient way. It’s worth noting that any accessories fitted to the bars may contribute to wind noise too but the less noise created by the bars, the easier a long journey will be for driver and passenger alike!


Aerodynamic Aluminium Roof Racks

Crucially, aero bars create less drag than steel roof bars and this has a significant effect on fuel consumption. If you are needing to use a set of roof bars on a regular basis or leave them in place while they are not being used, aerodynamically shaped bars will be the best option.

Fitting Accessories

Aluminium roof bars allow you to use the full length of the bar to fix accessories. This can be very useful if you want to carry a whole family’s worth of bikes using roof mounted bike racks! The slot running along the top of the bar (known as a T-Track) allows accessories to be slotted in, rather than clamping around the bars like a traditional u-shaped clamp. Not only is the T-Track system easier to use, it prevents any potential damage that a regular clamp may cause.

Attaching Accessories to Aluminium Roof Bars


Aluminium Roof Bars are Lightweight and Stronger

Aluminium bars are lighter and stronger than steel bars – not only are they easier to move around and install on the vehicle but they also tend to have higher weight capacities than steel bars too, meaning they can carry more items or heavier objects.


Aluminium Roof Bars Look Stylish

Aluminium bars are arguably better looking than traditional steel bars, thanks to the aerodynamic shape and silver finish. The Aluminium material is also resistant to rust so they can be used in all weathers.