Towbar Mounted Car Bike Racks

Before purchasing a towbar mounted bike rack you'll need to have a towbar or tow-hitch attached to your vehicle for your towbar cycle carrier to fully function. Many SUVs in the UK now come with towbars automatically fitted, making towbar bike racks the preferably and stable choice for transporting cycles when on the road. They are super-easy to install as most of them mount to the towbar with just a few clicks and a locking mechanism to keep the towbar bike rack secure in its place. We stock a selection of towbar mounted bike racks from popular brands such as; Thule, Peruzzo and Modula each of which are tailored for different budgets and feature requirements.

How do you attach a towbar mounted bike rack?

Most towbar mounted bike racks come flat-packed and piecing any loose parts together with a screwdriver shouldn't take too long and only a first-time requirement. There's normally a box or a lock that sits at the middle-rear on the towbar bike rack, this wraps around the towball, you'll find this at the top of the towbar extending from the rear (under the boot) of your vehicle. Screws and various locking mechanisms will help stabilise the bike rack into place and you can apply some weight to the bike rack to ensure it's prepared to roll on your first bicycle.

How does the tilting mechanism of a towbar bike rack work?

Some of the more premium towbar mounted bike racks come with a unique tilting mechanism. If you notice the word “tilt” in the title or description of a product then this highlights a beneficial feature for those who want access to their boot without having to detach the entire bike rack. When transporting your bikes, they'll be secured in an upright position, when your car is stationary a click-clack function will enable you to tilt (as the title suggests) the bike rack (and sometimes with the bikes on) to a 90° angle so the bikes or the core rack structure is lying flat. This is great for those wanting full access to their boot, perhaps to let a dog out or grab luggage/equipment you've been storing away.

Can I put a towbar bike rack on a caravan?

We don't recommend attaching our towbar bike racks to caravans, mainly because caravans are designed to be transported without any additional weight at the rear of them. Any additional weight may cause disruption to the balance & aerodynamics of the caravan when on the road. We do however stock campervan bike racks and motorhome bike racks for those specific vehicles, and you could also consider transporting your bikes on the roof of your car if your towbar is already in use. Do check manufacturer's guidelines before purchasing and you can click here for roof mounted bike racks and car roof bar sets.