Thule Roof Bars & Roof Racks

For a premium car travel experience, ensure your vehicle is equipped with a set of Thule Roof Bars. Thule manufacture a range of dynamic roof racks to fit the most popular cars on the market. We stock a selection of leading Thule Roof Racks including the WingBar Evo, WingBar Edge and SquareBar Evo. Our Thule Roof Bars pair effortlessly with other matching products including Thule Roof Boxes and Thule Bike Racks to ensure drivers have a smooth and seamless journey when travelling on the road. We sell our Thule Roof Bars as sets that are tailored to fit your specific vehicle, each kit includes the bar, foot packs and tools to install the product to the roof of your car. If you're looking to piece each roof bar together yourself we sell each of the items individually, check out our Thule spare parts category to find the fittings you need.

Thule WingBar EvoThule WingBar EdgeThule SquareBar Evo
  • £2 – £315

Will Thule roof bars fit my car?

Thule roof bars are made to different lengths and come with vehicle specific fittings so chances are there will be a setup that fits your car seamlessly. You can buy Thule roof bars as full kits from many retailers saving you time having to piece the parts together yourself. But if you're just after the bar or a specific fitting kit then you can also buy these individually. If you've already invested in a set of Thule roof bars and are looking at buying a new vehicle, some of your existing parts may already be suited to the new car, in which case you'll only need to purchase the additional fittings to re-complete the set again.

How easy is it to install Thule roof bars?

Each of our Thule Roof Bar sets come with their own unique fitting instructions, these are also available to download as a PDF on the product page you purchased them from. When setting them up for the first time it can take around 30mins, give yourself time to study the instructions and understand how they all piece together. Thule roof bars can be left on a vehicle for as long as you need or unclipped for occasional use, we also sell cover kits that allow you to protect the brackets when not in use. Once you've mastered the initial setup it shouldn't take more than 5-10mins to re-install the roof bars to your car roof when preparing for your next upcoming journey.

Why are Thule roof bars so popular?

Thule has been deemed a market leader in roof bars and car travel accessories, the brand is familiar around the world with many users highlighting the quality and durability of the roof bars throughout their ownership. You may pay a premium price for the product but in terms of performance they are hard to compete with. We'd recommend Thule roof bars for those who need to use them regularly throughout the year rather than just for one summer family holiday or for those looking to splash out on one of the most premium roof bar collections we have to offer.