Closed Rail Roof Bars

We've put together a category containing all our closed rail roof bar sets, so if you've already comfortably identified that your vehicle has closed roof rails you can use our website filters to find a car roof bar set that fits perfectly. In some scenarios, it's not a simple case of choosing roof bars based solely on the make and model of your vehicle. Our customers need to be aware what roof rail type they have; these can differ based on when a car was released or if any modifications have been carried out. If you're unsure if your vehicle has closed roof rails or not, take a look at our roof bar buying guide to give you some visual guidance. Do also read our product titles, they will tell you if the set you are looking at is suitable for closed roof rail types (see what's in the brackets).

  • £74 – £315

What do closed roof rails look like?

Look at the roof of your vehicle and you'll easily know if your car has rails, you'll notice two fixed bars that run parallel to each other. They start at the rear and run just above the doors towards the front of the vehicle. Closed rail bars are fully solid and don't have any gaps or holes in them. You may find that the top part of the rail is thicker than the bottom, almost as if there's a groove where roof bars can grip on to.