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Welcome to our comprehensive car travel collection, your ultimate hub for on-the-road accessories. Discover an extensive selection of custom-fit and universal products designed to prepare your vehicle for any upcoming journey. From safely securing your pet to creating a barrier against wind and rain with partially lowered windows. Our offerings prioritise road safety and security, so why not invest in distraction-reducing products to enhance the driving experience. Additionally, explore our diverse range of car storage solutions, including organisers and carriers for sports equipment. Start your shopping journey today and gear up your car for its next exciting adventure.

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What are some of the must-have car travel accessories?

Some must-have car travel accessories include versatile tie-down straps for securing cargo (including bulky sports equipment), child and pet car accessories to ensure extra welfare and comfort, car storage organisers for a tidy interior, and reflective gear for added visibility during potential emergencies when on the road. These items not only enhance convenience but also contribute to a safer and more prepared travel experience, catering to both the practical needs of securing items and the well-being of passengers, including children and dogs.

How do I plan for a road trip?

For a well-equipped road trip, invest in versatile car accessories. Optimise storage with items like boot organisers or back of seat accessories for a tidy space. If travelling with pets, consider car dog guards and seat covers. Ensure child safety with appropriate car seats and monitoring equipment. Combat varying weather conditions with wind deflectors for better ventilation. Additionally, a weatherproof roof box is a great way to expand storage capacity. These accessories enhance comfort, safety, and convenience, making your road trip enjoyable and stress-free.

How do I transport sports equipment by car?

To transport sports equipment by car, consider using specialised carriers. For kayaks, canoes, and paddle-boards, invest in kayak racks that securely attach to a set of roof bars, ensuring stability during transit. Ski racks are also ideal for safely transporting skis and snowboards on the car roof, reducing risks from poor transportation setups. Both types of racks are widely available, easy to install, and provide a convenient solution for avid outdoor enthusiasts looking to transport their gear efficiently while preserving valuable interior space in the vehicle. And of course, there's a whole world of car bike racks for cycling enthusiasts.