Peruzzo Bike Racks

Peruzzo is a popular car bike rack manufacturer from Italy, producing roof, rear and towbar bike racks along with a range of pairing bike rack accessories and spare parts for cycling enthusiasts. Peruzzo bike racks have developed to accommodate all bike types including electric bikes and wide range of sporting bicycles. Here you’ll find a wide selection of car bike rack types for you to choose from, from cycle carriers that are designed to carry heavy bicycles, easy clip on rear bike racks, to roof bike racks that attach directly on top of your roof bars. We also stock all the Peruzzo spare parts you need in case you loose part of a set or a broken part needs replacing to ensure your bike racks carry longevity.

  • £6 – £399

What types of Peruzzo bike rack are there?

As with most car bike rack brands, Peruzzo stock a selection of carriers that can attach to the rear, roof or towbar of your vehicle. They also offer the Peruzzo Zephyr and the Peruzzo Pure Instinct ranges that are engineered to carry weightier electric bicycles. The Pure Instinct range is a great high quality alternative to some of the more expensive equivalents on the market and the roof mounted bike rack is one of our bestsellers.

Will all Peruzzo bike racks fit my car?

Most Peruzzo bike racks are universal, meaning they can generally attach themselves to a wide range of vehicles. However, there are some exceptions that need to be consider based on whether you’re driving a van, hatchback, SUV, saloon or estate. The definitive size and shape of your car will inform which bike rack is most suitable. If you already have an existing towball at the rear of your vehicle and if it’s not in use it may be the best option for a towbar bike rack, rear mounted bike racks are generally suited to vehicles with curved boot doors and roof bike racks are perfect if you just want to attach to your existing roof bars and aren’t worried about height restrictions. Pop your car registration into the yellow box on our website and we’ll present a selection of Peruzzo bike racks that are befitting for your vehicle.

How easy are Peruzzo bike racks to install?

You certainly don’t need to be a technical whizz kid when it comes to installing a Peruzzo bike rack, in fact many of their product ranges come pre-assembled and just need unfolding and securing onto the correct points of your vehicle. We recommend spending up to an hour familiarising yourself with the different features and parts of your new Peruzzo bike rack when you first start out. This should ensure going forward it won’t take more than 15mins to setup a Peruzzo bike rack for consecutive journeys.