Car Wind Deflectors

Car wind deflectors, also known as window visors or rain guards, are practical and functional accessories that have gained popularity among car owners in the UK. We source our ClimAir range from a supplier in Germany, where these slightly tinted attachments are manufactured using a high-quality 3mm cast-acrylic glass material whilst being designed to fit snugly onto the exterior of your car windows. All ClimAir products are T.U.V approved meaning they’ve attained all the requirements that meet safety, quality, and sustainability certification guidelines.

The primary purpose of wind deflectors is to enhance the driving experience by minimising the negative effects of wind, rain, and noise inside the cabin. They achieve this by redirecting airflow away from the windows, allowing for better ventilation even during adverse weather conditions. In addition to their functional benefits, wind deflectors also offer aesthetic appeal, giving cars a sporty and customised look. All our ClimAir wind deflectors are custom-made to fit your vehicle perfectly, so please ensure you enter your car registration number to verify the product will be suitable before purchasing.

  • £39 – £71

How do wind deflectors work?

Wind deflectors work by altering the aerodynamics around a car's windows. Their curved design helps to redirect the flow of air, causing it to move smoothly around the windows rather than hitting them directly. This reduces wind noise and turbulence inside the vehicle, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. They also provide a slight gap between the window glass and the deflector itself, allowing fresh air to circulate even when it's raining or snowing, without the worry of water getting into the interior.

Are wind deflectors easy to install?

Yes, they are generally easy to install and require no special tools or professional assistance. We normally start the process by cleaning the window area with some washing up liquid, removing any dirt or debris, and then firmly pressing the deflector onto the designated spot. It’s better to start from the wing mirror end of vehicle as you feed the product into place. Some models may require slight adjustments or minor modifications for a perfect fit. It is important to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions during installation (these are included in the delivery box) to ensure proper attachment and long-lasting performance.

What are the benefits of using wind deflectors?

Wind deflectors offer several benefits to car owners. Firstly, they help to reduce wind noise and turbulence inside the vehicle, creating a quieter and more peaceful driving environment. Secondly, they provide improved ventilation, allowing fresh air to circulate even during rainy or snowy weather, without the need to fully open the windows. This is especially useful for trade professionals or pet owners who want to maintain a well-ventilated interior. Additionally, wind deflectors help to prevent rainwater from entering the vehicle when the windows are slightly ajar, keeping the interior dry. Lastly, wind deflectors add a stylish touch to a car's appearance, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.