Modula Roof Boxes

Come and browse our selection of Modula roof boxes, discover high quality car top storage solutions suitable for a wide range of vehicle types. Choosing a Modula roof box couldn't be simpler, we've stock sizes between 300L and 500L to accommodate various car sizes and lengths. Our fan favourite the Modula Beluga roof box is the perfect car roof top storage essential and boasts a glossy black finish, while our remaining Modula roof boxes come in a variety of aerodynamic designs and textures offering you more of a premium car roof storage solution when travelling on the road.

Can I fit Modula roof boxes to any branded roof bars?

Most of our Modula roof boxes are compatible with many roof bar and roof rack brands including Modula roof bars, Thule roof bars and Farad roof bars. It is important to look at the dimensions on the advert and compare these to the measurements of your existing roof bars. Be sure to look out for the Maximum Outer Roof Bar Distance in the specifications box on our product pages, these will inform whether a Modula roof box will have the room to manoeuvre into position. We've also added notes to inform shoppers whether the style of roof bar (wing, square etc) pairs correctly with the roof box being browsed.

Can I put any size Modula roof box on my car?

You can generally make a judgement based on the Modula roof box volume, for instance you wouldn't put a 550L on a small car like a Ford Fiesta as this is too big. In terms of quickly shortening your search 350L to 450L would be suitable for smaller cars while anything over 450L would be more suited to SUVs and 4x4s. When looking at Modula roof boxes it's important to take note of the external dimensions too, get an idea as to where the roof box would sit on your car roof. A roof box should sit cleanly in the middle of your roof, not hanging too far over the windscreen and you should still be able to open your car boot door effortlessly.

Can I put suitcases inside Modula roof box?

The simple answer is yes, you can put suitcases inside a Modula roof box but then suitcases all come in different shapes and sizes. When browsing our Modula roof box product pages take a look at the internal dimensions of each roof box, they will give you a good indication of height, width and depth of the space on your car roof. Next take measurement of the suitcases you're wishing to put in the roof box and see whether they would be within the guidelines of the Modula roof box internal dimensions.