Roof Mounted Car Bike Racks

Looking for a single or set of roof mounted bike racks to attach to the top of your car? We've got you covered. Whether you're a regular MTB rider or looking to take a selection of family bikes on your next holiday, having a roof mounted car bike rack solution is one of the most popular ways of transporting your bicycles when on the road. They easily attach to your existing car roof bar setup and can be lined up individually or alongside narrow roof boxes.

How do I attach my bike to the roof of my car?

Most roof mounted bike racks can be placed in either direction but generally most people point them forwards. They tend to attach to your car roof bars using t-track adaptors, while the bike rack arm clips to the centre of the bike frame to secure it into place. The bike wheels then rest on the front/back of the bike carrier and are secured into place using straps around the base of the wheels.

Can I put bikes next to a roof box on top of my car?

It is possible to combine up to 3 bike racks and a narrow roof box on top of your car but there are a few things you need to consider when putting everything together. Most importantly, the width of your vehicle roof bars. Before purchasing your bike racks do make sure there's enough space alongside your car roof box or other roof top carriers for them to fit in place. It is also worth noting the weight of all items on your car roof, while most of our car roof bars can carry up to 75kg worth of equipment, it is worth considering; the weight of your bikes, the contents within your roof box and the max roof weight load as detailed in your car manufacturer's guide.

Are bikes safe to put on the roof of your car?

Putting bikes on the roof of your car is considered one of the safest methods when transporting them on the road. If you're comfortable enough reaching the roof of car and fixing them into place, as well as detaching them when not in use. It'’s worth noting when travelling of various height clearances that need to be met when travelling through tunnels or on ferries as these may cause inconveniences, resulting in you having to unclip bikes at various checkpoints on your journey. Roof bike racks are kept upright using a solid bike arm and the wheels can be secured using straps, having these three secure locations ensures your bikes are fully locked into place.