Strapping your Christmas tree to your car roof or even getting it home in the boot of your vehicle can be a tricky ordeal. According to Christmas Tree World, the most popular Christmas tree size is around 7ft, as most standard UK homes have a ceiling height of about 8ft. What’s more, Mechanic Base state that the average car length is around 14.7ft, making most vehicles suitable for transporting a standard-sized woodland pine in their boot when they fold down the back seats.

Once you’ve chosen your festive pine and are ready to pick up then follow our guide to getting it home. We’ve put together our top tips to ensure your festive fir tree arrives back in one piece, all while ensuring your vehicle remains protected in transit.

Transporting Christmas trees in the boot of your car

Transporting Christmas trees in the boot of your car
  • Make sure you get your tree netted before leaving the pick-up point to prevent any damage to the tree branches.
  • Refrain from allowing any branches or twigs from sticking out the side of windows or doors to protect pedestrians and others out on the street.
  • Ensure your boot is protected with a good quality boot liner, preferably rubber and easy to wipe clean. This will make it easier to clean up any loose conifer needles and will protect the base of your boot from any unnecessary scratches.
  • Car bumper protectors and car seat covers will also aid in the protection of other areas of your vehicle that may be prone to damage from transporting Christmas trees.
  • Make sure the tree doesn’t block your vision when driving and that you have full visibility of the road ahead including clear sight through your mirrors.

Transporting Christmas trees on the roof of your car

Transporting Christmas trees on the roof of your car
  • First things first, you’ll need to ensure your car has a secure set of roof bars or a roof rack installed to easily strap down your Christmas tree. There are many brands out there that offer tailored roof bars which are custom-made to fit your vehicle.
  • As with our advice for transporting Christmas trees inside your car, make sure your car is fully netted upon collection before proceeding to attach to your car roof.
  • A plastic sheet or a travel blanket is advisable as a layer between the roof of your car and the tree to keep your roof free from needle scratching.
  • Utilise strong rope or car straps to attach the tree to the car, ensure the trunk of the tree is placed facing forward before being tied down securely with the ropes.
  • Before departing, give the tree a tug to ensure it’s fully secure and not liable to fall off on route. Avoid the motorway where possible and drive carefully.

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