What Can I Carry on My Roof Bars?

Advice on Roof Mounted Car Carrying Accessories

Maximize your car's potential with versatile roof-mounted additions. From bike racks for two-wheel adventures, to spacious roof boxes for extra storage on road trips. For aquatic enthusiasts, kayak racks offer easy transport to waterways, while ski racks cater to snow sport lovers. Universal car travel accessories tie it all together, accommodating gear for every journey. Elevate your travels, efficiently utilising rooftop space for limitless possibilities and enhanced road-trip experiences.

1. Roof Boxes

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When choosing the correct roof box for your requirements, it’s important to consider what the box will be used to carry and also whether you will need to fit any other accessories to the roof of your vehicle. For example, if you would like to fit cycle carriers too, a narrow roof box will be the best solution.

We stock a wide range of roof box solutions, from brands such as Thule and Modula. There are various shapes and sizes and each listing will have the overall capacity and dimensions listed, so you can make an informed purchase. Some roof boxes will also feature dual-opening, so you can access the contents on either side of the car! Finally, you may also like to match the colour of the roof box to your vehicle and we stock Grey, White and Black roof box options so you can have the best looking box for your vehicle.

Whichever box you go for, all will provide years of reliable and stable service - and if unsure at all, we do have a useful buying guide available to help you make the best decision for your exact requirements.


2. Bike Racks

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For those that want to take their bicycles with them on holiday or for an adventurous weekend break, we have a range of roof mounted options available at varying price points to suit all budget types.

The most common type of cycle carrier will be one that holds the whole bike in place, with the wheels in a support channel and an upright arm to support the frame of the bike. This is a very secure way of holding the bikes in place and we have options from Thule, Fabbri and Peruzzo. These carriers can be secured to a set of roof bars fitted to the vehicle, either via a U-clamp or a T-Track slot if possible.

All roof mounted cycle carriers are universal and are attached using either u-clamps or t-tracks to the top of your vehicle, they are also designed to accommodate a wide variety of bikes and frame sizes. Once fitted, they will hold the bikes securely for the whole trip, ready to use whenever they are required.


3. Ski Racks & Winter Sports Accessories

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If you’re looking for a Winter getaway, you may be considering a set of ski racks to fit to your vehicle’s roof bars. These simple accessories will hold your skis or snowboards in place securely, whilst taking up very little room on the roof of the vehicle.

Ski racks will generally hold between 2-6 pairs of skis or up to 2 snowboards. They are lightweight, easy to fit and most come with locks for added security.


4. Kayak Racks & Water Sport Accessories

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For those who love to be on the water, a range of water sport rack options are available to carry kayaks, SUP, canoes or surfboards. Thule’s simple and secure accessories will hold your equipment in place, either horizontally or vertically, ensuring you get to your destination with everything ready to use as quickly as possible. What's more, we also stock surf pads to protect both the base of your sports equipment and the roof of your car.


5. Universal Car Travel Accessories & Add-Ons

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