Rubber Boot Liner for Honda CR-V

Discover a selection of rubber boot liners designed to fit the Honda CR-V. All our boot liners are made from high quality rubber that's easy to wash/wipe clean and each mat comes with raised edges to contain dirt, liquid and grime. The ultimate solution to protecting the fabric carpet in your car boot from puddy paws, shopping spillages, gardening mess and day-to-day wear. Be sure to identify the year your vehicle was made in or use our car registration search field to be sure you find the right boot liner that fits seamlessly in the trunk.

How do I choose the right boot mat for the Honda CR-V?

Choosing a boot liner to fit your Honda CR-V couldn't be simpler! First you need to identify the year your SUV was made to ensure you are looking at a boot mat that's the right size. When new cars are released by a manufacturer the shapes and sizes of their boots can alter with the new design, by understanding the year your car was made in or by using our car registration lookup we'll be able to find the right product that's tailored to fit the base of your boot seamlessly.

Why should I choose a tailored fit rubber boot liner for my Honda CR-V over a universal one?

Rubber boot liners are much easier to clean, simply remove from the vehicle and you can wash away grime instantly with a pressure washer or a hose. Universal boot liners tend to be made from fabric and require more effort to wash. The thick rubber tends to be much more durable than carpet or fabric boot liners, preventing dog scratches and generally having a longer life span.

How do I fit the Honda CR-V boot liner into my SUV?

All our rubber boot liners are folded and packaged into cardboard boxes, ready for delivery. When your boot liner for Honda CR-V arrives, remove from the packaging and ensure your boot is clear of any objects or dirt. Make sure the gripped surface is facing upwards, lay the liner across the boot of your car and check the raised edges are pointing upwards. You can eliminate any excess bumps by pushing down on the liner surface into the corners of the boot to establish comfortable fit.