Van Roof Racks

Van roof racks are used by a range of different professionals, commercial drivers and traders to carry large bulky objects, materials and equipment on the roof of their vans. We give our customers the option to buy full sets that are tailored to fit each specific van make and model. You’ll just need to decide how many bars you need for your vehicle, the style/material of the bars and one that meets your desired price point. Each of our kits have been designed to meet the demands of everyday use including the ease of attachment and the ability to carry heavy loads. Ensure you pair your set with a range of complementary accessories including straps & tie downs, load stops and much more.

Choose Your Van Manufacturer

In order to get the right parts for your van, we’ve packaged together all the elements you need into pre-arranged bundles to save you shopping around for all the pieces individually. Just choose a the make of your van manufacturer below and the make of the vehicle on the following page, we’ll present you with all our available product listings. To confirm correct fitment, you can also pop in your van registration details and we’ll give you the thumbs up that it’s the right item to purchase.

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How do I install Fabbri Commercial Roof Racks?

We sell our roof bars and cargo racks as sets, meaning each bundle will include the metal bars, fitting kits, screws, foot packs and keys you need to complete an installation. Each foot pack has been moulded to fit your van model specifically to prevent any gaps or instability. All our sets come with a simple one-page instruction guide, we advise reading this first and familiarising yourself with all the individual assets before attempting to attach.

Accessories & Add-Ons

If you’re looking for additional accessories or upgrades to complement your van roof bar sets or perhaps trying to locate a missing part then we’ve got you covered.


DriveDen Customer Service

Information & Advice

We know it’s not always easier finding the right sets for your vehicles, if you need at advice then feel free to check out our buying guides or get in touch with a specialist today.

Roof Bar Buying Guide

Roof Bar Buying Guide

Our roof bar buying guide is full of information to help you understand the various styles, features, fitments, and materials used and to help you get to grips with your vehicle’s requirements.


Speak to an Expert

an Roof Racks

Upgrade your roof bar sets with a range of add-ons and accessories to ensure you’re looking after and making the most roof bars whether travelling or keeping them in storage.


Can I attach roof racks to my van?

Yes, most professional vans come with fixed point bolt holes along the sides of their roof, depending on your van make/model there could be up to 10 fixings on the roof where roof racks can be attached. It’s down to the van driver to decide which of these fixings are to be used and it is all dependent on what you plan on transporting on top of the vehicle. Many vans come with a load capacity so it’s still important to refer to your manufacturer’s guide to understand the max weight your van can carry alongside the max weight the roof bars can carry.

What are the benefits of commercial roof racks?

They typically benefit a range of social and professional services; core uses include carry ladders, attaching roof boxes & bike racks, camping equipment, raw materials, hardware & boxes and much more. Many commercial drivers who have items that are too large to fit in rear of the van opt to maximise on space by transporting extra parts on the roof of their vehicle. It provides peace of mind when arriving on-site to know there’s enough room to transport items in different ways when travelling to your next destination.

Do I need 2, 3, 4 or 5 roof bars for my van?

There are many factors that can influence the number of roof bars you can attach to the roof of your van, and these tend to be what they will be used for and the number of fixings available. If you intend to only use a roof box on the top of the van then 2 roof bars may only be necessary, but longer objects like ladders, poles and piping may require more roof bars. It’s important to understand the weight distribution of your van to ensure all equipment is secured and properly balanced. If you are unsure as to the number of roof bars required for your van or need some fitment advice, then drop us a message and one of our experts will be glad to help.