What are the best roof bars for Ford Tourneo Courier?

When selecting the best roof bars for Ford Tourneo Courier you need to understand your budget, what you'll be carrying and the style of bar you'd like on the roof of your vehicle. If you plan on using your roof bars a couple of times a year for small trips or weekends away then a cheaper roof bar set may be more appealing. If you're someone who's looking for something more aesthetically pleasing in design or who regular transports bulky equipment on their car then spending a bit more can prove to be more efficient in the long run.

How do you fit roof bars to my Ford Tourneo Courier?

When choosing the right roof bars for your Ford Tourneo Courier you need to take in consideration the type of roof fixing on your vehicle. Check out our roof bar buying guide to understand whether your car has closed rails, open rails, no rails or point fixtures. Our bars usually take between 15-30 mins to fit when setting up for the first time and all our roof bars come with fitting instructions.

Should I buy aluminium roof bars or steel roof bars for my Ford Tourneo Courier?

Steel roof bars for the Ford Tourneo Courier will normally be cheaper, making them ideal for occasional use. Steel bars tend to be heavier and usually square in shape, meaning they will not be as quiet as aluminium bars. Aluminium roof bars for the Ford Tourneo Courier will be lighter and generally stronger with higher weight limits. They are also aerodynamically shaped and more stylish looking.