Car Bike Racks

We've got a wide selection of bike racks for the avid cycling enthusiast. Whether you're looking to transport your bikes by car to an event or a family holiday we've got you covered. We stock rear mount, roof mount, towbar mount and racks for electric bikes to give you a wide selection of mounting locations to choose from when travelling on the road. You'll find a range of top brands to choose from including Thule, Saris, Peruzzo and Fabbri. If you need advice on choosing the right cycle rack for your car, then get in touch with a member of our team and we'd be able to advise on a size that best suits your vehicle.

Choose by Mount Location

When looking to make a purchase it’s firstly important to know how you want to transport your bikes. There are typically three mount locations you need to consider when researching and each are dependent on how your vehicle is currently built or setup.

Roof Mounted Bike Racks

Roof Mounted

Carrying bikes on the top of your vehicle is a popular method for MTB riders and those that still want quick access to their boot when on the road. Each holder attaches to a set of car roof bars so make sure you have a pair to accompany them.

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Rear Mounted Bike Racks

Rear Mounted

Rear racks typically attach themselves to the boot of a vehicle and are secured with straps around the boot door frame. Bicycles are then hung on the back for easy lift on/off attachment. They are generally ready to use straight from the box.

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Towbar Mounted Bike Racks

Towbar Mounted

An ideal option for those that have a towbar fitted. The benefits include being able to carry multiple bikes and most racks fold down by 90° to give you easy access to the boot of your car, even with the bikes still attached.

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Discover our Top Brands

When sourcing sports carriers for our customers we look for reliable brands that we know our customers will love. From well-know manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket to lesser know brands that still offer high quality solutions but with some unique and more affordable features.

Thule Bike Racks


Thule are a leading manufacturer of cycling transportation solutions including the popular ProRide, Outway and VeloCompact ranges. With years of experience, this Swedish brand promotes premium quality, and each model comes with a range of optional add-on accessories.

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Peruzzo Bike Carriers


Peruzzo is a popular manufacturer from Italy, developing robust frames for a range of different makes & models. You’ll discover top lines including the Pure Instinct, Arezzo and Padova carriers that boast some great features for transporting bicycles.

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Fabbri Bike Racks


Fabbri is a fairly new brand to the UK market, a strong alternative to some of the bigger competitors and great for the more budget-conscious buyer. Most lines are made from lightweight aluminium making them easy to lift on and easy to detach.

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Compatible with Electric Bikes

Electric bikes tend to be heavier and bulkier than traditional ones, making them more difficult to carry by car. We’ve put together a selection of racks for e-bikes that allow large carry loads and wider holders for bigger wheels.

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Car Racks for E-Bikes

Some of our Best-Sellers

Peruzzo Pure Instinct Towbar (2 Bikes)

Peruzzo Pure Instinct Towbar (2 Bikes)

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Specialist Designs for Campervans & Motorhomes

We’re collated a selection of bicycle carriers for campervans, RVs and motorhomes. We know that if you’re travelling around the country and using your bikes on a regularly basis, then having muddy wheels inside your van isn’t ideal. Maximising on space and carrying them on the rear exterior is a simple way of hitting trails quickly whilst keeping your interior clean.

Buying Guides & Extras

Our Top Picks

Our Top Picks

We’ve rated our wide range of cycle carriers to help make it easier for you to select the best product suited to your needs. Our top picks include recommendations based on user requirements.

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Advice on Roof Carriers

Advice on Roof Carriers

Transporting items on the roof of your car can be worrying ordeal. Our buyers guide contains helpful tips and advice on how to make sure your first journey runs smoothly.

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Bike Rack Accessories


You’ve finally purchased your carrier and are looking at ways to enhance its offering. Our range of accessories include hooks, adaptors, loading ramps and much more.

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Bike Rack Spares

Spare Parts

If you’ve stored an existing bike carrier away for winter and come to find there are missing parts or an individual element is broken then we’ve got you covered.

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Can you put one on any vehicle?

Most cycle carriers are universal and tend to fit the majority of vehicles, but it's best to find one that's suited to your car size, shape and requirements. If you already have a set of roof bars, then the simplest option would be to attach a roof mounted version for quick and easy transportation. If you're already transporting a roof box on your car or don't want to invest in a set of roof bars, then a rear mount version may be the most suitable option. These tend to attach to your boot door using clip-on straps. And finally, if you have a van or large SUV then it could be worth investigating a tow bar mounted version, please note a towbar must be pre-fitted before selection this option. So in short, yes any vehicle has the potential to carry one – a bit of research into carrying limits is needed before making a purchase.

Can you open the boot with attachments on the door?

Nearly all carriers are made to ensure your boot door will open while the rack is in place. It's best to check each specific product to see whether they can open with actual bicycles mounted or not. Rear mounted racks can normally remain attached with the boot door open but without any cycles attached. Towbar mounted racks normally come with a tilting mechanism that enables you to pull the system forward while still mounted. It's worth checking the product description to understand the specific functionality of each item before deciding to purchase.

What are some of the leading models?

With a huge range of on the market, it can be difficult to know where to begin when looking for the best one. Thule is probably one of the most recognisable brands in the industry, they are renowned for producing top quality products that are worth the long-term investment. Saris and Peruzzo are familiar brands that manufacture high quality bicycle carrying systems at a more affordable price bracket. While Fabbri is known for creating robust aluminium frames making them easy to setup and carry.